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  1. Premium membership one year Bundle

    Agreed. I just returned to the game and I also want to buy the one year membership, but the current outfit for it makes me re-think my decision, makes me lean more towards either one-month or 90 day membership, instead of 365 days.. :/ Would be awesome if they gave more options regarding the outfit or just changed it...
  2. Yeeaaah .. Would love if there were Server forum boards (like, Hao District board, Windstride board etc.) or if someone would just create a TeamSpeak for BnS and it would be server-specific. Would be aweosme and a lot better.
  3. I didn't want to post to this stupid topic (it's amusing to read when people rage when there are things you can buy with money that you can get by playing the game in a free-to-play version, I mean, how would NCSoft keep the game F2P otherwise?) .. Learn to read, please. And don't quote just a part of a sentence. There are websites, just like in any other MMOs, where there are all benefits available in the descriptions/about us or pages like that, on what benefits you can get when you become a regular. If you can not understand that simple thing, then you are stupid. If you just choose to ignore a part of it, well .. then we know your point in writing here - rage on!
  4. Outfit wishlist

    There's too much to freaking choose from!! o.O
  5. what type of music do you play while on B&S?

    The latest playlist that I listen to while playing :P
  6. I would definitely pay for this option, even if it would be twice or thrice as much as the usual Appearance Change etc. etc... And for those who say just create another character with it, are you serious? Level my player from the start, try getting all the costumes you can get while farming (especially the Infinity one, think that it's called ... got it on my 74th run), and say good-bye to all the bought items (costumes and other items that are character bound) ? No thanks. I didn't know much about this game, so I created a Jin BM. Now, I love the BM, don't get me wrong, but I would love to change my character to Yun BM. I've been hoping they would implement this for a long time ... ^.\\
  7. So, I just saw in the Wardrobe that there is "The Empress' New Clothes" and I want to know when do we get it and how do we get it, because I have to have that costume. :D
  8. Srsrly ?

    Well, it's for two months. When you get to the end, you start at the beginning. You go over and over it until the two months pass. At least, that's what I think based on the whole interface and grahics of it (and the time-frame).
  9. 100% Agreed to this post. But, still, point is, I can almost guarantee that they won't do that.
  10. No, of course, I am not saying all of them. There are topics with very good points, suggestions and actual criticism. However, they aren't as many (very few) as the plain-out complaints/people that feel privileged (as Puppy Pie said, "I want I want I deserve I deserve"). Why? I think because people with actual ideas usually don't post it on the forum (at least not here, maybe in the Dojo or just write to the BnS Twitter/Facebook/Ticket system or something).
  11. I am not talking about the constructive complaining/constructive criticism. However, take a good look around the Global Section, actually read through all the topics and tell me: how much is it constructive? Almost all of the topics are just saying that they hate it, they are not going to buy it and that they hate NCSoft because they put in the rng boxes. That's it. Oh, and how they are going to quit this game if this continues/they are quitting. Like, what the hell .. ? :D If you are saying that that is "constructive criticism", then you clearly don't know what that fraze means :D
  12. Thought so, but I just couldn't help myself by not saying it anyway. :)
  13. Couldn't resist posting to this thread. Totally agree with the main post. Have you guys played Lineage 2, for example? Where, if you want better items (enchant them, craft them) there is a very big chance that you won't get it/it will break and you will have to start over again (imagine if your main hongmoon weapon, jewels and soul shields would only have a certain % that it will upgrade/enchant, if it doesn't, you have to start from 0 on it) ? This is a F2P game and you only pay for costumes, mainly (not talking about premium etc.). Of course, there are character slots etc. but no one is complaining about them, inventory space etc. everyone is complaining about costumes. Really? There are PLENTY of costumes to get for free. Most of the people who complain about them (RnG boxes, for example) won't ever even spend a penny on this game (costumes). So stop complaining and just play the game. Don't like something? STOP POSTING HERE AND JUST QUIT. I am getting sick of the spam in this General Section going on and on only about the rng boxes or costumes overpriced ... Want free stuff everywhere? Well, tough luck. You don't eat or have a roof over your head for free, now, do you? Just be glad they brought the game to NA/EU as is ... Now, just see how quiet this topic will get, or how the little kids (trolls) will start complaining again or completely ignore my post. :D
  14. RIP Servers again

    And they can't even tell us what's going on ...
  15. You get to play the game for free. Isn't that enough?