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  1. As the topic said, is there any way to set a level range restriction when looking for party? I can't seem to get a party of players in similar level who actually wants to do the run, or have the higher level players actually help the lower level players. Returning to the game after so many years, I made a new character to relearn the game and to refresh my memory. The problem I am encountering is looking for a party to do dungeon runs, which was easy back then when everyone is the same level. But now with the level gap of new players and old players, I am constantly thrown into a party with 2 level 50s, and a few levels 30. The level 30 does nothing but stay in the lobby afk, whereasthe level 50s rush to the end without killing the mobs. I can't go through the dungeon, because the mobs are buff to suite the party size IIRC. Basically I have no options but to attempt to solo the dungeon, but ended up giving up since it is not possible for my character and his level without a party. It leaves a distaste in my mood to skip the dungeon, leaving an incomplete quest on the quest list, and continuing the story.
  2. Multi Account, allowed or not

    It's very situational. Depending on the company, as long as you spend money on all accounts, they personally don't care. If you do it to cheat, than it's not allow. To do it for additional storage space to get around not spending money is a gray area. Some publisher do not care, where as other do care, but I can tell you they will not bother wasting resources chasing you down if you do so. Those resources are better spent dealing with tickets to keep players happy in getting their issue resolve as quickly as possible.
  3. I was just about to create a thread for this very feature XD I find it frustrating that all communication is cut off and lost whenever a friend is playing in the cross-server platform, or in the arena. What is the point of adding friends from other server if you can't communicate with them? sigh...
  4. Forum Login Issues

    It happens on both my pc and my mobile phones.
  5. Forum Login Issues

    Is anyone else having issues logging onto the forums? Whenever I attempt to log in, nothing happens and I am constantly sent back to the forum index page without being log in. I have to attempt to log in 4 times in order to actually log in.
  6. 2K NCoin Outfit

    Agree, but ideally, it shouldn't cost more than $18 USD to $20 USD for the outfit + accessory bundle. They jack up the price because it's an occasion/holiday outfit with accessories, adding in some stack of in-game item no one ask for, and a stack of useless white rose that are nothing more than a cheap ploy to get users to buy the red rose to perform transmutation. I'm more surprise they didn't make it so that players who purchase the female valentine bundle get white rose, whereas the players who purchase the male valentine bundle will get the red rose, and they will have to find players with the opposite gender characters to exchange it. If it was done that way, then the whole scheme of selling rose in the cash shop doesn't seem like a cheap ploy. Anyways, I just turn a blind eye for the sexy outfit cost this time, since I wanted the outfit plus I know I won't be purchasing most of their outfit since they don't suit my taste. For a WuShu game of the WuXia genre, (but it feels more of a XianXia genre instead,) I am actually waiting for outfits that looks more like this: Can you imagine all the cloth physic on it ;p Anyways, overall, I'm happy with my outfit.
  7. 2K NCoin Outfit

    The outfit is too short and not loose enough to have any real noticeable physic.
  8. Censorship question

    I can understand them not including all the audio and subtitle files since they want to avoid having the client being so large, but it would be nice to have an option in the settings to download optional files for eastern audio with subtitle. Then like you said, to have an option in game to select the language of the voices.
  9. Censorship question

    I can understand them not including it in the western release, but it would be nice to have an option in the settings to download optional files for eastern audio with subtitle. Then like you said, to have an option in game to select the language of the voices.
  10. Censorship question

    Yea, I want the Japanese/Korean/Chinese audio with English subtitle. Not ripping on English Dubs, but I much prefer the eastern voice actor for all the emotion put into their voice acting making use of dynamic tone, shuttering, etc. English dub has always felt very stale to me. No matter what, maybe it's due to the culture of the B&S game, but the English voice acting in B&S just can't compare to the English voice acting in GTA:V. GTA:V voice acting was really good an authentic.
  11. Censorship question

    All I know is, there's a nude mod around for this game, lol. My friend install the jap audio mod, and he says the whole localization dialogue are very different ^^; I'm very tempted to install the voice over mod, but I don't want NCSoft bitching about it the way Nexon does.
  12. 2K NCoin Outfit

    Care to share some screenshot ;p Even if the outfit is all the same, the different faces and body size gives a totally different feel. I tried making my char have an attractive baby face. It's definitely more innocent compare to my Tera chars. Now for some cute ones People really dig my berserker char XD --- By the way, is it possible to gift a valentine set for my sibling who plays on a different server?
  13. 2K NCoin Outfit

    Well here's some screenshot of my character with the outfit
  14. 2K NCoin Outfit

    The cash shop concerning the other costumes are about right, roughly $8 USD to $12 USD. The Valentine costume is a bit on the pricier side, but I'm willing to spend the extra cash since it's an occasion event costume plus accessory (, just wish the glasses was black and not white since black rim glasses are sexier). Got it for my Force Master (Yun), but definitely not for my Blade Master (Lyn). Sorry Lolicons! On a side note, (and I'm probably going to get flame for this, but) I'm glad to see that NCSoft is going RNG for the latest trendy outfit while allowing users who refuses to purchase RNG box to purchase past trendy outfits directly at a limited time.
  15. Make ALL Key / Mouse Buttons Bindable.

    You get use to it. I use a Logitech G502 on my home PC, and I use a spare Razer Naga (2014) on my gaming laptop. I need a minimum of 3 programmable thumb button to bind to shift/ctrl/alt =) I also have two Logitech G13 as well. I was going to get the razer version, but after how much I don't like razer driver causing problems, i decided against it. I actually want to try out the MadCatz gaming mouse, but for a mouse, it's pretty pricey.