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  1. As the topic said, is there any way to set a level range restriction when looking for party? I can't seem to get a party of players in similar level who actually wants to do the run, or have the higher level players actually help the lower level players. Returning to the game after so many years, I made a new character to relearn the game and to refresh my memory. The problem I am encountering is looking for a party to do dungeon runs, which was easy back then when everyone is the same level. But now with the level gap of new players and old players, I am constantly thrown into a p
  2. You get use to it. I use a Logitech G502 on my home PC, and I use a spare Razer Naga (2014) on my gaming laptop. I need a minimum of 3 programmable thumb button to bind to shift/ctrl/alt =) I also have two Logitech G13 as well. I was going to get the razer version, but after how much I don't like razer driver causing problems, i decided against it. I actually want to try out the MadCatz gaming mouse, but for a mouse, it's pretty pricey.
  3. Blade & Soul is power by Unreal Engine 3, and should support mouse thumb button 1 & 2 keybind, so I have no idea why is not supported. If you look at all the documentations, all UDK, UE3.5, UE4 game engine has support for it. Here's some food for thought though. Most game don't support buttons other than LMB, RMB, MMB, TMB1, TMB2 is for the same reason with gamepad in the past. Every devices uses different code/data to interpret the mouse button press, which is why there is some effort to collect data on how every mouse manufacture does it. You will not see naive support fo
  4. As much as I like gunslinger, there is martial art style that does fit without the use of guns. I'm referring to hidden weapons, especially like the one in Douluo Dalu (斗罗大陆) Xian Xia novel from the Tang Sect faction. There are other Xian Xia novels with martial arts that does include the use of firearms too such as the Xiao Clan from the novel Ni Tian Xie Shen (逆天邪神). I highly recommend you guys to read some of the Chinese novels, especially the novels written by I EAT TOMATO.
  5. Call me stupid, but the main reason I purchase my nVidia graphic card was for the ShadowPlay feature which automatically records the last 5 Minutes of gameplay. It really useful during cases of recording conflicts and cheaters. It's also a great tool for capturing those awesome moments and wtf moments =) I've never really bother to use AMD Raptr software, none of the features it offers really matter more than 2-3 years ago. I really do hope AMD get back into the game with nVidia heavy dominance in the Video Card market.
  6. I buy AMD if I'm spending between $150 to $180 CAD, but if I'm spending over that price range, I go with nVidia. My current desktop, I'm using GTX 760 I purchase back in 2014. Most of the time, I'm using AMD for the bang-for-my-buck. As of this time, I don't see the need to upgrade yet. Beside, I still got my ROG GL552VW-DH71 for gaming on the go =) I find this video interesting, but it's nothing new to me.
  7. I finally decided to come to the thread to check out why I'm constantly getting disconnection just to find this thread. Seems like I will not be able to play on my ASUS ROG GL552VW-DH71 using a Razer Naga (2014) mouse without getting constant crashes, sigh.... >_> At least I can still play the game on my desktop when I'm at home. Luckily my prefer choice of mouse that I use at home is the Logitech G402 Gaming Mouse. After my razer mouse breaking within 6 month, and having razerzone replace my mouse after 3 months of constantly emailing before they finally decided
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