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  1. Daily Dash Spin

    ah ok thanks
  2. Daily Dash Spin

    Yo just got to the final item of the spin Do I need to go OVER the final item to get my loyalty insignia or something because I don't have it :v
  3. For Lyn, let us choose our tails and ears and not choosing them both at the same time. They are in different sets and some of their combinations I wish can be changed. Let tails and ears be changed separately
  4. Assassin solo true sight bosses?

    alright thanks :3
  5. Currently leveling an assassin and I was wondering on how they will solo true sight bosses since I heard that stealth won't work.
  6. Destroyer or Assassin

    alright this is interesting :3
  7. Destroyer or Assassin

    Indeed I have been seeing a lot of hate for destroyer lol
  8. Destroyer or Assassin

    Isn't perma stealth easy and straightforward though? (PVE) when it comes to PvP just depends on my skill for both classes. will destroyer be able to solo a lot kinda like assassin?
  9. Destroyer or Assassin

    I don't know which to roll first when making my new character. What are the pros and cons for them?
  10. 8 wolfskins outfits

    It's kinda funny because some people on the forums farmed this guy for so long and didn't get it
  11. 8 wolfskins outfits

    ;-; nobody ever cares about my threads to comment
  12. 8 wolfskins outfits

    Starving kids on the forums could of gotten those ;-; where are my other parts because i'm not getting them. EDIT: I JUST GOT 8 WOLFSKIN OUTFITS AFTER I POSTED THIS TOPIC WHERE ARE MY OTHER PARTS? ;-;
  13. Farewell

    Why is everybody making a big deal of bots? It's never going to affect your gameplay yet people cry about it so much because they want to chat a bit. If you give the team some time, they will fix it and you will be able to chat in public so you can get your online dating going. What a bunch of crybabies that I see on the forums.
  14. Wardrobe error

    I'm getting a bit annoyed about NCSoft I'm trying to be a fan of them but they just keep having problems one after another. Hopefully I can be a fanboy for them.
  15. Wardrobe error

    I'm a premium and haven't had any problem with the wardrobe till now Has anybody tried opening the wardrobe today? Whenever I press f3 it says error even when I do it manually from menu, it says error