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  1. Game won't start

    Same issue here, Running with 64bit didnt work, the bns process in task manager just stops after a while. 32bit client worked
  2. store outfit rotation and wep skins

    I dont mind having the costumes come and go but only 2 every 2 weeks is just too long :/ either make them come and go faster, like every week? or add more then 2 everytime. I havent liked any of the costumes for a while now so Im still running around in my Crimson Tide ;I
  3. I had run yeti with my brother cross sever for about 2 weeks before i found some friends to run it with. I got my full max yeti shield by running pug. I was at about 520ap~ 55%crit rate bk then, my brother 450ap 50%crit. We always just hit the 'lfp' button and hoped for the best. About 90% of the time we got 400-470ap guys which was more then fine. About 8/10runs on avarage were succesfull without much trouble. Ppl make pug grps out to be worse then they actually are. For anyone thats scared just go for it :/ Everyone gotta learn
  4. SOGUNS LAMENT warlock useless

    My wls x stun works on the adds, tested yesterday =o
  5. Photogenic Characters

    ^I love your warlock Heres mine
  6. Summoner to second race

    I really wanted to play a jin char but none of those classes were ranged so i went with summoner even tho i dont like the race, i would ve picked a FM but gender locked race is just no and gons are ugly af =( So im really excited for warlock so I can have my jin ranged char ^-^
  7. maintenance,you are joking right?

    can i have your stuff
  8. Servers just get pooped on?

    daily crash? (;
  9. Gender switch?

    How does one change gender of his/her char? Is it the character alteration voucher in the shop or does it only allow to change your appearance from the current gender? I looked and asked around a bit and seems there no way..yet? :(
  10. Getting more keys

    Im in the same situation, ive seen general merchants sell keys but they are 10sil each. as a starter with not even 1 sil..... nty ;D
  11. BnS crash report! WHY ?

    Im experiecing the samish~ problem. During a loading screen when entering some dungeon/cave switching maps it loads up to 25% then stops responding and the crashreport window pops up, its pretty *cricket*ing annoying especially with the qeueus. Running on win10