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  1. You really don't know marketing strategy at all. They don't care about your opinion. Warlock is readied from the start, but they delay it to lure people back from Black Desert Online OBT day. This has been planned for months. Seriously, lots of stupid people keep saying otherwise, they don't really live in real world at all.
  2. It is Headstart for cheapest package which 29.99. March 1st for 49,99 and Feb. 28 for 99,99. So technically most people who want to play BDO will be able to play on March 2nd.
  3. No it won't. March 2nd is also when Black Desert Online come out. This is for those who said Warlock will screw up the "balance". Seriously you guys must feel stupid by now.
  4. -Suggestion- Tradable Outfits

    Their decisions so far just scream GREED everywhere for me, that's why I don't get involve as much. They have a lot of carrot and stick strategy where they put up a front to try to make players feel like they care, but in reality players will never get there, just look at it. Yes, I am talking about HongMoon Coins. Then their delay with currency exchange. These same strategies are what Snail also used. Other versions have exchange, but the US version didn't and I am seeing more and more tactics used by Snail in this game.
  5. -Suggestion- Tradable Outfits

    This game is not up to my flavor, too little PvP and now with NCSoft greed, I am playing less and less now. Seriously, I only keep status quota with few dailies and waiting for more contents. I also ordered 50 bucks Black Desert Online package. This game reminds me of Age of BULLSHIT from Snail, company's greed and the game require PING first, skill second.
  6. -Suggestion- Tradable Outfits

    but, But, BUT, Fine, I am willing to become a cat, dress me up please.
  7. Warlock

    NA version of course, why else would I use another version? Instead of asking that, you can check out yourself and see they said it over and over "WARLOCK IS READY, ALL WE NEED TO DO IS TO FLIP THE SWITCH".
  8. Warlock

    You can look at their interview on Jan. 18. They basically Warlock is ready, all they need to do is "flip the switch". Youtube Jan.18 review at 2:30:31 seconds and see it for yourself.
  9. Warlock

    Your esport theory is sound for tournament in the US, but they want to milk money, so they won't release new contents so people will spend money upgrade and they will release more and upgrade more. As for wanting to release both classes, NOT GONNA HAPPEN. This is a classic market strategy.
  10. Warlock

    This is exactly what I mean. I have FM and BM both with True Profane and it took my BM twice the effort to be as good and effective as my FM. I am not a close range fighter and my ping is not good enough to afford me to have the right time and input to place close range class effectively. As for BDO, I am not sure it is a cash grab. I already paid 49,99 package and it seems at least BDO is better than BnS in term of cash grab due to NCSoft Greed. Seriously, WardRobe are free in other regions and in Russia version, Floor 7 Mushin Tower is much easier than this. I am not going to torture myself each day on both character fighting this boss with the lag delay and what not. I can kill it with my FM on 2-7 death, but impossible on my BM. I like PvP, but BnS just lost my vote on it, seriously esport arena besides skill, the most important of all is PING which has no problem in Korea, but major problem here for US and especially EU.
  11. Warlock

    Oh, this excuses again. The whole classes ARE NOT BALANCED AT LV 45 OR 45+5. Warlock is not even worse off than it already is. Seriously, the whole balance issue is stupid. The patch NEVER DESIGN TO WORK AROUND 45+5.
  12. Warlock

    They can just switch it on and voila. However, they just like troll people and keep saying "We have it in, just need to flip the switch".

    Yep, you go to full profane again and choose the different path. The game is called Pirate's soul, Untradeable. While the full upgraded from silverfrost gem can be trade. Many said the Pirate's soul is a better gem.

    Full pirate can be salvage a gem, forgot the stats, but it is a good gem. Cost wise, the gem is said to worth the money invested, but I am not sure.
  15. Except both of my character is none of those. Guess I am screwed then by your definition and need to learn how to play the game, LOL. At least you don't advice me to play another class. Maybe we all switch to summoners to see who need to learn how to play the game then, LOL.