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  1. I'm pretty sure they know, there is even a video showing it. They just don't care, especially since those using it pays a lot. Kind of sad but don't expect them to do anything about it.
  2. Bought 257 pet pods, got nothing back. I guess the biggest exploit was buying pet pods from F5 / Faction Chat and not keeping thousands of pets on alts. It's good to know that they can take any item they want from your inventory without any reason. @Hime, I really can't figure out why you refuse to give back the gold/mats from those who bought pet pods.
  3. I just got an answer from the support saying "As mentioned in our forums post, we won't be reimbursing gold used to purchase pet pods from the Marketplace." I thought you forgot this matter but it looks like you are well aware of it and you choose to ignore it. I don't understand your reason for punishing those who bought pet pods from the marketplace or anyone else, since some weren't even aware that there was a problem ( that could have been fixed months ago ) with the Moontide outfit. If this is your last word on this matter, I think a lot will be disappointed, once again.
  4. Give back the soulstones, it's just unfair otherwise. By the way, you removed Pet Pods made / bought before this exploit happened. What are you going to do about these ? I don't think anyone would be happy to pay 200 gold + to be rewarded with only 5 gold. I really hope you understand that this "fix" is far from enough.
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