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  1. What should I expect?

    Well tbh if you want to wait for a perfect "free" mmorpg to come out, you may just already die (no offense, but that's how it is). Everything has mixed reviews, couse among normal people there are fanboys and haters, so yeah... I can't say anything about endgame content in this game, i've heard there isn't much pve, but since it's focused around pvp, well... Combat is fun (if you're not lagging ofc) if you played and liked Tera, you will like bns maybe even more (imo). Asian graphics. To sum up, play it if you want 1v1 arena as a main activity and have good internet.
  2. NCSoft, fix your *cricket* servers

    Funny thing i have less latency to NA Tera than to BnS "Frankfurt" server... If not the Tera optimization i would gladly come back there. But BnS is unplayable. I should have less than 80ping to frankfurt with my net, but i play like 300+ wtf
  3. Why when i'm looking for a lag solution i end up on a forum thread about people complaining about low fps. Lag is not low fps ffs. and quit the game already, the server wasn't improved for 3 months so neither will be optimization.
  4. Oceanic players unite!

    There isn't even a proper EU server and yet you wanna them to launch an oceanic server? What do you expect?
  5. Lags

    I thought, maybe if I wait 2 months the lags will be over and I could play this game like a normal human being... Nope Queues are pretty much over, I tried to log into my windrest character and there was no queue two days ago, so why there are still lags? Even on servers marked as new? I don't have so much delay even after blazing weed wtf. I saw a "solution" for asus motherboards, but I have msi motherboard, so im screwed? And don't tell me that you have 40ping so it's my internet fault, because it isn't my internet. In cs:go i'm faster than andromeda galaxy. Any ideas?
  6. EU maintenance in middle of the day, again

    Guys i can't believe how ignorant are most of you. Europe is quite wide, you know? That means for some the maintenance is at 10am, for some at 2pm or later. And can't you live without playing a game? Do you really need to complain about every single thing? Because i'm thankful to developers that they actually do something about the game, i don't care when or how as long as they don't ban me for no reason, ofc. Reading all of this shit around this forum makes me feel really bad about developers. They can't satisfy everyone, but you also can't deny they are working to improve your gaming experience everyday.
  7. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    Well, i like looking at pretty girls everywhere i can, but even so i'm not viewing them as lesser. I never thought that this actually is a thing, the disconnect between body and personality. As i see it, what attracts us to each other is the look of a person (sure one can don't really like the look of the other, but with time one can fall in love with other because of personality) and then we get to know each other. Without the sexual drive, we would be extinct. I think there is no problem with female sexualization, there is a problem with society. We can't raise our children properly, the world is getting worse and worse. Well i can't raise children yet, i'm 17, but i grow up in the already sexualized world and still i give females proper respect. I even admire them. Watching sexy game characters, well... watching anything with sexualized females won't change it, because i was raised properly, thanks to my parents. But this is just my point of view. Girls are cool.
  8. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    Yeah, but those people didn't do it because they've played GTA, the've done it because they must've some mental issues. Same with sexy Lyn, but i didn't even know there was such a thing in this game... Still not into sexy Lyn.
  9. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    Haha your name killed me XD Fairy Tail is full of fanservice for both genders and i didn't even know people complain about it :O All the sexy outfits are just for money. I don't think developers of those outfits treat women like a, you know... This is the most stupid thing i've read in this topic (well, i haven't read too much beacause i'm lazy). People like it, you can't deny that it's more profitable for developers than some "pure, elegant" outfits. Also, i'm not sure but from all those people complaining about female sexualization is there actually at least one girl? Just asking.
  10. Lag problems

    Lags depend on your internet not PC. And you're playing from europe a game with overpopulated servers on american server... I think that clarifies everything.
  11. Lyn is best race

    Now, that's a smart guy.
  12. Lyn is best race

    Who cares? Games are for fun, not for spreading hatred and asspain.
  13. Lyn is best race

    The outfit is sexy, the race shouldn't.
  14. Lyn is best race

    No need to hate man.
  15. A new player- Hi.

    But anyway thanks for you reply, now i know that i need to do something about it, not just to wait.