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  1. Hey guys, I am currently working on my soulshield and as I see it, for a blade dancer, bsh is the way too go (crit and evasion, both nice). However, I am not completly sure yet about the perfect (maximum) stats. So I am looking at the shields values here: http://bns.endgame.pk/items/show.php?name=bloodshade&type=soulshield&stage=0 Let's take piece number 1 for clarification - it says: 1700 or 2060 or 2420 health 112 or 136 or 160 accuracy You can only get 1 of the following: 54 or 68 block 54 or 68 evasion 54 or 68 crit rate So what is the maximum now? Can I get a piece with 2420 health, 160 accuracy and one of the additional stats (being 68 crit?). Can I get all 3 stats on maximum? Best regards Micky
  2. TL;DR Hongmoon Weapon - Keep and Max. Rings and Stuff - Do not invest here, better will come. Soulshield - Do invest in the pieces which are already available.