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  1. my build is 18252.1 (1809) and don't have any issue. For those who have a hight fps lose - its because of the gaming mode. you should add client.exe as a high priority application. (games - > video settings - manual; selection of client.exe
  2. What do you expect Form Company, which know only troves and boxes? In another words see only your money and nothing else.
  3. they now about that but they ignoring this "feature". se sent a lot of tickets about that but 0 response.
  4. mb ns creates masterpieces, but they cant keeping them up. ptw ( greed) has always destroyed games, no matter how they were successful. If the developer is not able to learn from his mistakes and clients feedback, then he is not destined to live or produce projects. This game was a masterpiece but they destroy it as well as destroyed L2 Aion and similar projects of this company
  5. what do you expect from a company that for all its time has not learned to listen to Western players? they do not have 1 project where they did something for the west.
  6. no reply..... you can wait for a months.... its ncsoft. they can only answer you with script and put in the trash. what do you except from developers that don't know what happening in their product ?
  7. they do with this game same as they did with la2. big desert for p2w players.
  8. im downloading the client from 0/ lets see if it will help.
  9. from today you cant launch client with that disabled function but if you enable it you will receive a critical error.
  10. they fixed that but today windows updated its security base and you cannot launch it again....
  11. hhhaha. this company like always..... I made this topic 20 days ago and only after launch .... oops sorry. we didn't check that. and what opinion / reaction from the community do you expect? ncwest was always been the company that put the user above all but in recent times you have lowered even lower than INNOVA
  12. the funny thing is that I reported them that tjeir game doesn't work on this build around 3 weeks ago but they just ignored me. (I keep silent about that the tech support does not understand what I mean under "build 1803" ) https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/238651-bns-64-win-10-build-1803/
  13. we just want from you to fix that farce that you have done with the prices on the market. we want you to address players not as cattle that lead to battle for meat (money) but as partners.
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