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  1. =nothing you mentioned above didn't help. in open word everything works smoothly even on max settings while in dungeons, fps drops to 0 once players hit the boss. Why amazons new world runs without issue on max setting. Archeage works even old lineage2 works without crits but here freeze after freeze
  2. still impossible to play. Once you hit a boss your fps drops to 0. Why new works with its 100 vs 100 players works smoothly. eve old lineage2 works better that this ua4 update .
  3. nc worked 2y to make the game on engine without thinking that in 2021 many players have ultrawide monitors. Have black lines so outdated. We have hoped for better performance, gameplay but got laggy baggy and poor plastic game
  4. i can play cyberpunk on max with my 4k monitor but bns after uae impossible to do dungeon with regular hd resolution and settings on 1. Really ? I returned with hope that finally this game will not be so laggy but received 1 big freeze.
  5. They released super not optimized and buggy update. Now the game looks like plastic barby. Really. They worked 2y to change the game into barby house ?
  6. My pc crashed 4 times before i manage to enter the game even. This update reminds me when the tutle just released . Same graphic lags and fps drop even on low settings wit hidden characters i cannot hit even. My fps drops to 1
  7. my build is 18252.1 (1809) and don't have any issue. For those who have a hight fps lose - its because of the gaming mode. you should add client.exe as a high priority application. (games - > video settings - manual; selection of client.exe
  8. What do you expect Form Company, which know only troves and boxes? In another words see only your money and nothing else.
  9. they now about that but they ignoring this "feature". se sent a lot of tickets about that but 0 response.
  10. mb ns creates masterpieces, but they cant keeping them up. ptw ( greed) has always destroyed games, no matter how they were successful. If the developer is not able to learn from his mistakes and clients feedback, then he is not destined to live or produce projects. This game was a masterpiece but they destroy it as well as destroyed L2 Aion and similar projects of this company
  11. what do you expect from a company that for all its time has not learned to listen to Western players? they do not have 1 project where they did something for the west.
  12. no reply..... you can wait for a months.... its ncsoft. they can only answer you with script and put in the trash. what do you except from developers that don't know what happening in their product ?
  13. they do with this game same as they did with la2. big desert for p2w players.
  14. im downloading the client from 0/ lets see if it will help.
  15. from today you cant launch client with that disabled function but if you enable it you will receive a critical error.
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