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  1. Oh, haven't been in forum for days, dunno if you problem has been solved. I have a chroma keyboard and a mamba mouse, and the issue bothered me for days by crashing randomly. The programmer su_cks. To get rid of it, first open your task manager, find "Services". Then find Razer Chroma SDK Services blahblah. Open the game. After logging in, disable the Razer chroma sdk service, then you are good. Make sure you enable it EVERYTIME you open the game, or it will just crash immediately.
  2. Issues with AH

    Okay, I got really pissed off about the guys who worked on programming for the AH. It was down every time I need to use the "Searching" function and for this time, when I searched for moonwater transformation stone, it directly led me to a page with a bunch of "viridian transformation stone" and, yeah I purchased a viridian transformation stone with 6 golds which need to be farmed for hours. This is happening after 2 years translation work from Chinese server and a half-year BetA Test? Are you kidding me? I am not feeling pain about losing golds. You know there're lots of people selling it. But, I got really pissed off about your retarded server and, the dumb programmers who need to be back to colleges and retake their CS courses. Well, I forgot something else. Have you ever played the Chinese server yourself? Programmers? Have you ever found the game crashed when you are using Razer products? And after you finally "solved" this problem, have you ever tested what will happen when you abandon the razer services. Nice job, literally.
  3. Issues with AH

    Thank you for your testing. Yeah, I tried after 30 minutes and it worked again. But, as you can see what I said above, The function is down, every time, I really need it.
  4. Probably you are using a razer product.