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  1. Why Flower of Lament still drops?

    I can't speak for him for sure. But I'm guessing what he means that everyone (including me) has been waiting for a reply about what are the plans to fix the dungeon gold/mat nerfs as It just made new players lives harder (honestly it made everyone's life harder), if there are any plans at all. The only reply we've gotten so far (afaik) is that the devs are looking into it, without any updates on the issue. I believe we somewhat deserve a constant update on the issue, it will even help calm down the majority of players and the forums. Also as a suggestion polling the players on some decisions is never a bad idea.
  2. New players in BNS

    It shouldnt be like this though. This isn't right, needing to create 10 characters to sustain a single character . A toon should be self sustsaining, if you want to create more its because you enjoy playing different stuff not to make them slaves for your main. Also new players already face difficulty getting accepted into weeklies with their mains let alone create new alts
  3. New players in BNS

    I ............. actually have no words in reply to this. *facepalm*
  4. New players in BNS

    He didn't lie though? You're the one mistaken here. (The following prices are according to jinsoyun at the time of writing this post) Excluding the 50 moonstone crystal and 50 elysian crystals needed since according to you "they are easily farmable". Lets take a look at the other things needed shall we? 10 Transformation Stones (13-15ea) Total = 130-150 (oh wow 150 already?) 20 Legendary elements (20 ea lets say you have plenty of soulstone and sacred crystals so buy them for 10 ea instead) Total = 200(400)g If it ends with that then it wouldve been fine, however what i believe OP was referring to here was *ding ding ding*: 5 Empyrean spirit stones (265g ea!) Total = 1325g Total gold needed without moonstones or elysians : 1655(1875) gold As a new player and with the latest patch dont tell me thats doable just by "not being lazy to lay the game"
  5. Salvaged Lucent accessories

    I've done that and... It actually worked! they restored it in less than an hour from my ticket.
  6. Salvaged Lucent accessories

    So.. i had NO idea that I was going to need lucents to upgrade my accessories ...whats worse there is no alternatives i NEED to have them. With the old dungeons being dead now is there no alternatives to solo farming those dungeons? I mean why cant they sell lucents like they sell ivorymoon for naryu silvers...
  7. Mail restrictions

    Another update with no fix for the issue..... this is so disappointing. *sigh*
  8. Warlock coming and still unable to mail alts

    It would be extremely helpful if they actually give us a date for a fix or their progress on it, its been like what? more than a month and no news at all?(not that ive heard of).
  9. Forum Rant

    sooo we had goldspammers/botters/some hackers but these are usually found in other games Now what really made me laugh was the horoscopes/ "astrology" spammers... REALLY? find answers to your life in 72 hours? guys i think we found a way to end all wars Serious question.... is there anyone who believes in these sorta stuff?
  10. Yep I would've 100% fully agree with you... The thing is though, this wasn't a single case.... many have already complained about this but with razer keyboard havent seen the mouse thing till now. So ...yeah
  11. We are still jumping to conclusions, are we not? I believe I told you to read the whole thing to a get clue of the issue?
  12. READ...THE...COMPLETE...THREAD BEFORE YOU COMMENT.... seriously he already STATED he keybinds 1 skill per key why can't some people get it? its the same issue as with WTFast... where NCsoft themselves said its OKAY to use... but gameguard just bans any1 who does cause of bot issues
  13. But... But NCsoft don't have an issue with that ... they usually unban those people as far as I've read in the forums, it's gameguard that just autobans any 3rd party program it suspects.... there are a lot more issues that have been addressed about gameguard anyway. what op did is say like using a ps3 controller for example in a game... you'd have to download that ps3 controller program for it to work ( i don't know the name of the driver/program cause i dont use it myself)... but instead of the PS3 controller you used a gaming mouse
  14. True .. too much spam can't blame you ...IIRC anyways lots of guys using razer keyboards have been banned and were sent that msg. NCsoft have to replied to them by saying they are trying to fix that issue and in the meanwhile they should try to stop using it
  15. Thats an automated msg most of the guys banned for razer or WTFast got the exact same msg.... are we even following the same forums?