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  1. Game crashes on loading screen everytime

    Same here. I've tried literally everything possible and everything NCSOFT has suggested to do. Last thing they said to me is "Unfortunately, outside of the above mentioned work-arounds, there is nothing more we can recommend at this point. Please keep an eye on our website and forums for future updates. " Today I did full factory reset to my computer and full game re-install, but no help. Game crashes on loading screen: Every time when going to a new area or going too fast to another area (the other side has not loaded yet) Often in cross-server dungeon lobby, when entering a dungeon Sometimes in PVP arena loading screen Sometimes when teleporting Every time when trying to change character and go to character lobby it also opens Bnscrashreport when I just quit the game. Starts to be really frustrating and I feel my premium membership goes to waste. I would appreciate help. T__T EDIT: I do not have any Razer related on my computer.
  2. Game crashes on loading screen everytime

    Could this be an issue with AMD? I also have AMD A8 processor and Graphics and I got exactly the same problem. In the other hand, my wife does not have any issues but she got different processor/graphic card.
  3. cant search on marketplace

    Yep same here. I would've bought crafting mats but I don't wanna go through the effort to look them without search.
  4. Game crashes on loading screen everytime

    That's not a solution to the crashing issue, but for me it helps when I wait, because the environment on the other side loads up and I might avoid the loading screen. This doesn't work for me when going to a totally new area that I haven't visited before.
  5. Game crashes on loading screen everytime

    I've tried all those antivirus/firewall disables etc... didn't help. I'm lvl 30 and I manage to play it, I'm not having so much crashes, but sometimes they happen. The best thing for now is to wait 30 seconds at the "portal" to the next area before entering, so the environment loads and u don't probably even have a load screen. But it still pisses me off that I can't do Arena or change character. And random load screen crashing too.
  6. Game crashes on loading screen everytime

    This is exactly the same issue I have.
  7. Game crashes on loading screen everytime

    Did not work for me. I've tried literally everything the NCSOFT Tech Support team asked me to, but nothing works. Loading screen crash every time I'm going to a new zone that I haven't visited earlier. Sometimes also crashes even if it's not a new area. And crashes always when I leave Arena or try to change character. Every time on loading screen.
  8. Crashes while loading zone

    You're not alone, this happens to me too. Usually when entering a totally new zone where I haven't been before, it crashes during the load screen. Also, I can't change character because it crashes on that loading screen too. I've tried absolutely everything the NCSOFT Technical Support Team has advised to do and I've sent all reports they've asked. So far nothing has helped my issue. I haven't tried reinstalling the game, I will probably try that soon.