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  1. They don't support WTFast which means, if there's a problem with the game running with it, then there's nothing NC can do about it. And...this game is the NA/EU version of the game...perhaps these SEA/OCE petitions should be directed to the owner's of the game...aka the korean devs?
  2. when you die what do you lose?

    pretty much it...and some durability...but mostly just pride
  3. Ping and server locations?

    The website had the servers located in dallas, tx in the FAQ section
  4. windows cant find the ncluncher

    google the NClauncher and redownload it
  5. You guys think this is allowed?

    I also see no problem with this
  6. About WTFast Ban

    I do not recommend it, I can't remember where I read this and can't verify it but from what i've heard it's not supported but that they don't intentionally ban for it. again, I want to make this clear, I can't confirm that at policy, don't use it. it's not really needed if you're playing in the regions anyway
  7. Poll: What class(es) are you playing?

    These results are pretty good, small deviation between the classes! i like it!
  8. I am very new!

    gotcha! lol that makes sense now, either way, we 14 players take care of our own. When you get in the game go to the settings tab, there should be a check box there labeled tune for low end pc's
  9. Think you're getting just a little too heated about this. There are ways to prevent this, as stated above. There's not much NC can do if the player is not going to utilize those options anyway. I've gone afk and grabbed a snack before while my pvp outfit was on...the entire time i was thinking i'd probably get ganked while i was gone...came back perfectly fine...that's just to say from experience that i knew the risks and accepted them.
  10. I have no problem with this, provided that something else is considered for the people who DO finish the daily dash this month...just don't want a second of the same costume (it'd just be a little lame, really, not that bad)
  11. I am very new!

    If you played FF14 on it, I would assume that you should at least be able to play BnS as well. Might have to turn graphics down using the tune to low end PC check box but it should be good Edit: and good to see a fellow previous 14 player on here, I was on the Levi server for a long time! Have a good time, you'll love the combat system in this game!
  12. with it being something that is added to the character would it be character bound anyway?
  13. Deva Raiment

    The male version of the golden deva is currently my favorite costume...been wearing it since i got it
  14. Support

    Try adding exceptions to you antivirus, you'll need to do it for the game and the launcher seperately
  15. Remove the bid system.

    I think a cool idea would be like a silent auction. Everyone puts the amount they're willing to pay during a 10 sec timer. Whoever put the highest wins and the money is distributed. Sort of like when a company is competing for a job.