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  1. so did you find a solution guys?
  2. I heard that for some reason it switches to your itnel card when reviving but there is a guy here experiencing the same problem having only intel graphic card so i dont know really. You can try running the game with options only to run on the nvidia card and see if the bug is fixed.
  3. It's copy paste dw, they won't help you
  4. absolutely the same story but i am not playing a summoner. why did you pick a summoner knowing you have that bug? xD Now i have heard a theory that during revive it switches to your integrated graphic card for some reason and you should disable that. i tried with the nvidia control panel to set up the game to be only with the nvidia graphic card but guess what Error 4209 gameguard. You can try making it run only with the NVIDIA or whatever you have and tell me if that helps you and also how you have managed to do that .
  5. guys who have the same problem, please write if you have dual video cards, video card driver version etc.
  6. Do you have integrated video card like intel HD?
  7. Bump, so it can be seen again. The problem is not only mine and needs people to see it.
  8. Hello. I am having a big problem. BnS always crashes when i or someone near me revives. Goes straight to the desktop without any error message. I have had the same problem with the chinese version and it's really frustrating. Can't play like this. I have ACER, with Intel HD integrated video card and additional NVIDIA GT 540M. My OS is Windows 7.
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