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  1. hat you're referring to, but no changes were made regarding the ability to trade costumes. Almost every costume and hair head adornment that drops from dungeons and monsters , for example : Head Adornment: Infernal Lord’s Eyebrow Face Adornment: Infernal Lord’s Mask and every other single head and hair and costume that drops in game . Everything used to be tradable in the marketplace and now it isn't ! There are zero costumes and adornments for our characters sold on the marketplace because you guys simply made them non tradable without saying
  2. So that's why I bought 3 costumes and head / hair adornments 2-3 days ago from the marketplace and now I can't do that anymore . Just see for yourself , click adornments and if you see ANYTHING there that can be used by characters and not their pets . Let us know . Again , few days ago we were able to buy and sell costumes / head and hair adornments and now we can't . If it's some glitch that came with the patch , fine otherwise idk what to say .
  3. You know what , they can still milk you with the cash shop and premium program even if you get 1 FPS in battles . Cash Shop doesn't lag :D
  4. Haha , yeah ofc the problem is on our end . If NCSOFT said so .
  5. What do you mean lol , how is reading the GD stalking ?
  6. Yep pretty much this . Funny how I thought it was something on my end lol , turns out NCSOFT strikes again :D
  7. Yeah we've been GG'd by ncsoft once again it seems .
  8. Oh i'm sorry my bad , didn't see this . Well this is pretty bad for the EU playerbase . Not sure why NCSOFT are keeping quiet about this .
  9. Can you enter an arena match ( a 1v1 match ) and check the ping and post the screenshot again , because you know the arena lobby might be on the NA servers . Can you check and post a screenshot ?
  10. Good thing you have never dealt with NCSOFT before , people who did are pulling out their hair for YEARS now .
  11. I bought at least 3 costumes + head and hair adornments from the Marketplace few days ago , you obviously didn't even check back then . that's why I was surprised when I logged in today only to find out that I can't buy or sell costumes in the marketplace . They didn't even say anything about this . My point is , what will be the next thing that they will just change and never tell us untill we find out lol . Maybe next week the weapon upgrades would be done only via cash shop items , cool stuff right ?
  12. Maybe this game just wasn't ment to be played by you , ever thought of that ?
  13. Few days ago we were able to trade costumes and adornments , right now we can't do that anymore . The fun part is that NCSOFT didn't even tell us about this change , it was subtle and unfair . Makes you wonder , how can we trust them if they don't document such changes in the Patch Notes ?
  14. My topic was about the fact that few days ago i was able to buy costumes from the marketplace and now I can't trade costumes and they are missing from the marketplace too . The ncsoft jerks made them untradable LOL . That's why they are hiding my topic .
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