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  1. You know what , they can still milk you with the cash shop and premium program even if you get 1 FPS in battles . Cash Shop doesn't lag :D
  2. I don't know about you but I love spending money
  3. The reviews are most likely written by a person who hates MMO since they are too old to enjoy them or don't have enough time to play . Casuals lol .
  4. Are you using WTFast ? If you aren't yet , start using it . I know it helped tons of people with ping issues . Sorry that the Australian players can't enjoy the game like they definitely should :S
  5. This is not a new MMO it was developed years ago , the engine is old . As for the ping issue , well it's a action based MMO . Having decent 50-60 ping is a must for certain classes in PvP .
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