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  1. Spider fang

    Yeah, impossible with randoms, they kill everything that moves even if one can pass without fighting it... Oh well I guess I'll wait untill I'm lvl 45 or something so I can solo it.
  2. Spider fang

    Oh so the chest on the right is useless? Well that sucks balls :\ At first I did not pay attention to that room since nobody goes there but these last few runs only mini spiders and weird pot hamsters been there... Man, I hate korean rng nonsense
  3. Spider fang

    Hai, only recently noticed that spider fang comes from the secret room in Tomb of Exiles. So I went there opened 2 chests on the last few runs and got 2 broken spider fang. What do I do with them? Do I need to transmute or repair or something?
  4. Girl outfits

    I personally don't want any modern looking outfits. They just feel out of place. Correct me if I'm wrong my this is a late mediaval era based game?
  5. The RNG is beyond rigged

    Yeah, weapon boxes are rigged and it's so obvious.
  6. Girl outfits

    Wrong game bro. Everybody knew what they signed up for when they picked B&S. I personally like outfits the way zey are Don't like don't play.
  7. Pinchy's outfit

    You mean awesome outfits
  8. Pinchy's outfit

    Got mine on like 3rd spin. Had no luck getting other parts tho. Really wanted the tail but gave up as the rng is cancerous...
  9. 8 week daily dash

    Yeah, new spin is lame...
  10. 2K NCoin Outfit

    2 k for a shirt? Kek. Well I'm personally not paying more that 5-7 EUR for a single cosmetic item for a single character but hey that's just me. I'm sure there are plenty of whales swimming arround willing to throw their cash at anything.
  11. Is there any limit in selling on the marketplace?

    Want to sell moar? Gimme ur moneys! Huehuehue
  12. Stupid maintenance time

    So annoying here in eastern europe. Just got back from university. Prime playing hours for me. Nope can't play because of the long ass maintenance every few days
  13. Account Bound Cosmetic Items

    I'm waiting for a sale because I'm not paying 15 EUR for a single costume on a single character. Like if I wanted to get 2 outfits for 2 of my chars I'd have to pay 60 EUR. I can get a full AAA game for that
  14. we call NCSOFT attention

    Wait so only EU servers are crashing?
  15. Auction House 10 item per day ?

    Ah, no thanks then. I'm not interested in premium bs. I only care for some outfits, whitch I'll get when there's a sale :x