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  1. If you would like to run the 32-bit client, please select the option from the Blade & Soul Launcher.
  2. Any news about allowing us to edit our forum account? I hate when I'm unable to change my profile picture or add my signature.
  3. Hahah made me laugh, good drawing skills tho
  4. I've been playing BnS since from the beginning and I never had high ping, but last few days my ping went high, about 300+ms I never had high ping in any other game such as tera, aion, call of duty series etc... Is this some kind of BnS bug I need to fix or what? This is my speed test:
  5. Hey guys, I was wondering what is your favorite class to play and why? For me it's Force Master cuz I'm used to play long ranged class and also DPS is not so bad tho
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