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  1. How dead is this game already?

    Yeah that's what I said. Black Desert would kill this game..
  2. How Rigged are the loot tables?

    Hell no you're just super unlucky lmao. Unless you're a warlock and they forgot to put that weapon in there. Ah and those people who are asking for more classes should keep in mind that the more they add, the lower the chances of getting your class-specific stuff.
  3. Bots In Pvp, Pve And Everywhere

    Yeah unless you get stuck with a summoner. Then you're just getting bs'd.
  4. Does this game have a healthy population?

    Has a healthy population of people asking this question today.
  5. Looks like another class for Jin/Yun. Whoopie. That was an unenthusiastic and sarcastic "whoopie" by the way.
  6. How dead is this game already?

    They'll be back. NC better get this sorted out before Black Desert comes because that's what would really kill the game. But really right now you should just take advantage and get your faction dailies done while there's a lower chance of you getting ganked by the opposing faction. If any of the servers were really in a population crisis, they would just merge two servers into one.
  7. Account bound acc

    Download Sandboxie, run B&S normally and run it a second time in the sandbox. Log in to your two different accounts and trade stuff from your main to your alt.
  8. This isn't a complaint, I just want to bring it to attention. There are random spots in the game where walking over said spot drops your HP from max all the way down to 1. This has only happened to me twice, last night in E. Fleet when I landed on one of the elevated platforms and another time shortly after the server opened ( I don't remember what map). I was like df. Reminds me of that Battlefield glitch.
  9. What should I be farming for extra gold?

    Dailies. All the dailies around E. Ram Supply Chain and Nightshade Harbor. You should make at least 7G, 8G if premium.
  10. Server lag getting worse each day?

    Yeah I've been lagging like hell these past couple days. Thought my GPUs were defective or that my WiFi was being leeched on.
  11. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    To be fair there have been stupid people who are doing serious time for their GTA-inspired acts. You offended? It's not my fault you're into the stuff, person.
  12. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    Sexy Lyn costumes is like one step away from pedophilia..
  13. Supposedly you're the chosen one, and you would think that by the time you level into the upper 30s your martial arts would be moderately decent. Yet at every possible enemy encounter during cinematics, you get 1-hit by one of Jinsoyun's lackeys or even by a complete random. Like shit, let my guy win at least once. Taken nothing but L's.
  14. Banned for no reason.

    It's the same with a lot of games, not just BnS. This game is still pretty new so it wouldn't be a surprise if they are strict for awhile.