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  1. Yeah that's what I said. Black Desert would kill this game..
  2. They'll be back. NC better get this sorted out before Black Desert comes because that's what would really kill the game. But really right now you should just take advantage and get your faction dailies done while there's a lower chance of you getting ganked by the opposing faction. If any of the servers were really in a population crisis, they would just merge two servers into one.
  3. BnS is an 18+ game anyway so get out. Lmfao nice try though.
  4. Because no one's talking about that, it's irrelevant to the topic. Not that I care. You can get offended all you want. Some of us actually can get boobs for real lmao. And swords too.
  5. ..or get a real woman? In-game breasts are just pixels, man.
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