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  1. Amazing Game!

    Saying this with 100 posts
  2. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Rng Boxes :O
  3. NCsoft support is crap/rip off.

    Support team reading your problems:
  4. How is blademaster's dps in pve?

    Who cares about dps races in this game... Just play and have fun
  5. DPS Meter Request

    You didn't read it you waited for it.. i said LIKE. I also mention other examples. We need it and we'll get it by time. Cause that's what players want.
  6. DPS Meter Request

    And again this DPS Meter topic.... Do we need it? Hell yes! Are people wrong who don't want DPS Meters? Hell Yes! DPS Meter is a simple tools which tells you facts. It don't harass you it just tells you how bad you really play. No lies, true facts. There are also more games with DPS meters like WoW, Skyforge and SWTOR and NONE of those games are bad and the community don't want to play without it (well... except those 0brain/dps chillers who feel harassed if someone mention about their DPS lack) . And if you FEEL harassed by the outcoming Data from the DPS Meter about your playstyle... loal
  7. Please Make a Premium Server!!

    Me while reading this
  8. Queue is BS!!!

  9. Queue is BS!!!

    Free User ? Wait untill logged in for complete the sentence.
  10. Queue is BS!!!

    Premium <3