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  1. I have to agree with Cherish. While I don't play with the time you do, I do enjoy when I get a few hours a day. I'm mostly playing with a group of friends from RL where we get in and progress through the PvE content of the game. We're not in a rush, NOT interested in PvP and are having a good time. The Bot problem that I had seen when I first joined B&S at it's NA release has been tremendously improved upon. The reporting tools, and the interface in general are better. I still have issues with the game, but no system is perfect. People make all the difference, so a good clan and good serve
  2. Weapon skins sold in the Hongmoon Store are a 1 time use item that are lost permanently if you ever decide to change your weapon look again! Upon purchasing a skin from the store you are given exactly 1 copy of a weapon with no stats that is to be used to glamour your weapon in game. The weapon can be delivered to exactly 1 character and applied exactly 1 time. If you ever choose to change that look again, the look of the purchased skin is lost permanently. An investment of $10 or more to have a weapon look that you can use on 1 character 1 time and loose if you ever ch
  3. The way the system is now, Weapon skins are a waist of money. Until such time as NCSoft sees fit to update the game to allow permininte storage of weapon skins, investing in a given item like this is a complete waist of your time and money, unless you want to have the same look on your weapon for the rest of your characters virtual life... lol
  4. Unfortunately NCSoft thinks that selling a 1 time use item that is lost when you decide to change the weapon look is worth paying around $10 for. It's really a slap in the face for anyone who is into collecting, roll-playing, or game fashion. No other virtual goods seller in any virtual world has such an out of touch policy. I would go on to say it's shameful on the part of NCSoft to have this kind of policy. If someone purchased a specific item in a virutal world I had made and paid me $10 just for the privilege of having that one item, I sure as hell would make sure they could use it as ofte
  5. I have had the same issue with this same URL, WWW.AYWGAMES.COM. Who ever they are, they have def. hacked the system. Best course of action I think will be to turn in tickets. I'm going to submit mine with a link to this forum. With any luck they will at least become aware of the hack.
  6. Impressive! Someone has some serious chops for web-design. I also liked the philosophy. Looking forward to getting to know the group better. :-)
  7. Thank you for responding directly here in the forums. Speaking on behalf of veterans of countless other MMOs, we've all had experiences with the problems common to public launching of a new game. I for one need help following your suggestions. Going to the web site to create a "ticket" is less than ideal as the level of effort on generating a new ticket is considerably more than the gold farmer needs to expend to send the spam in the first place. The ticket on the web site, once you navigate to the correct form, your form requires fields for Issue, Subject, Description, Reason for
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