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  1. I've been Banned...AGAIN...

    lol.. and what automated macro did you have running while you were afk? I love it how these botters even give us what they were doing instead (like homework or putting out a fire... maybe even rescuing a life)! QQ more botter... NCSoft already told you what to do with your account.. now go do it!
  2. Permanently Banned

    Botters everywhere heard saying: "Mission accomplished!"
  3. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    they are doing something about it.. haven't you noticed all the botters whining on the forums?.. "QQ.. I GOT BANNED FOR NO REASON...NCSoft is mean"... blah, blah, blah.
  4. Permanently Banned

    Lol.. he's trolling trying to win sympathies for NCSoft to reveal their detection systems. Glad he got the ban hammer. We need MORE!!! QQ Op... you got caught. Bye-bye!
  5. Lol.. you're being trolled. OP was botting but hiding behind "my mouse had macro" story... get real.
  6. 7 Day's to delete a Character.

    Quote: "LAME! they didnt even bother reading the request!" Lol... nor did you! Isn't it fun when nobody listens to anyone else but themselves? They already told you to buy an extra slot.. no other solution. But you blame them for not listening to you that you don't have the money. brb... getting some popcorn!