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  1. hello, for past 2 weeks challenge mode mechanics arent visible in the dungeon only the top 10 ranked and top 30 people are XMLing the game to see the ghost in the dungeon to get more points, where most of the people dont see the ghost to block and get more mech points.
  2. hello, i would like to suggest warden to get nerfed defensively because no one can kill him for 15min a game.
  3. Anti cheat should be top priority ASAP EU NA are 80% cheat abusers xml and hacks. @Hime
  4. what are u talking about, maintenance will get extended 3 hours more like aways for 1 dungeon...
  5. i hope they start something to start doing it.
  6. you can delete rar's in one of the patch folders witch is 80GB the rars only are 40G so 80-40 and you will have space.
  7. yes yes, just posting, ty for answering, ive even miss typed it "UE5" xD~
  8. hi i advice u to start a program for updating UE4 to UN5 ASAP, because irony is real.
  9. im not buying 40$ pack with useless stuff all the prices in this game are absurd with $, if stuff were cheaper more people would support game but nope.
  10. from where are we downloading this client, Jamaica??
  11. hello i would like to suggest removing legendary drop "earring and soul shield bundle" and increase Demon fang for obsidian octagonal so we can actually farm obsidians and get to hexagonal obsidian . and increase Eva Nakari GEM box drop because its sad to be drop rated from 1000runs 0 boxes!!!!
  12. I guess everyone agree that we need bigger difficulty for drops yes, because hard mode isnt even worth called hard
  13. any increase of this impossible legendary drops in hard difficulty or we need more than hard to get a single drop for 200runs? https://gyazo.com/b80ef1cc7b14139aee3739f0176979d3 ive seein 1 belt and 1 earring, its been 100runs maybe and not a single drop,how is this normal to in this game, while other players get 6 runs and 2 legendary drops like what is this RNG ???!?
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