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  1. Dirty Player Names

    I have yet to see xXxoneninjapieceofbleachxXx.
  2. Extremely offensive chat.

    Please explain how can an "offensive" name be deemed 'toxic behaviour'? Go ahead, I'll wait.
  3. BnS Meme

    Just logged in through NCSoft's broken forum software to tell you what a great post you've made. Congratulations.
  4. Why are the names in Korean?

    You'll be a great translator one day for those koreaboos.
  5. Why are the names in Korean?

    You'd prefer Tyrone, Javier and Dave?
  6. Crybabies. Crybabies Everywhere.

    When games are highly anticipated like this, that tends to happen. No use complaining about it, even if they're in the wrong. Eventually it'll die out and the valid complaints(if there aren't any already) will pop up. Wait until then.