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  1. Looking for people that are willing to LEARN PvP/practice with me. IGN: Saleix I want to learn tho to play against other classes better because I need to learn in order to win but also want to meet decent people that are up to the same goals / cool top play with. We don't need to be on the same server to have fun with each other / get gud at the game.
  2. Fix the auto-kill

    I'm not saying remove the firewall. I'm saying when you are in the boss room and still die from it because it shoots a fireball at you when you are already inside the room lol. Seems like people missed that part.
  3. Greed made the game disgusting

    Would rather just have the outfit be purchasable vs being stuck behind a lottery but an opinion is an opinion. You can like them as much as you want. Whatever floats your boat. I personally think they suck so I agreed with his single point.
  4. Greed made the game disgusting

    The RnG boxes suck, agreed on that point. An optional sub that offers some benefits to those that want to speed up progress a little bit but has no negative impact on free players? That's not pay to win. Items in the cash shop that don't negatively impact free players who choose not to pay is pay to win? I'm confused on your definition of pay to win. There are some things about this game that are obviously cash grabs but at this current time there is nothing that is forcing you to buy and hurt anyone else's gameplay.
  5. Casually Hardcore - PvP / PvE / (Cerulean)

    I'm interested if you guys are still recruiting. IGN: Saleix and lvl 45
  6. Pay 2 Play

    Let's just keep it free with in game purchases of cosmetics/convenience items. Pay to play has too many obligations such as feeling the need to play every single day to get your dollars worth as well as that fear of falling behind if you don't play. Also free to play games with in game purchases tend to make more money than the standard buy to play/pay to play model does (most of the time). I am all for costumes being bound to account vs character though. Forgot to add: RnG boxes need to die.
  7. Will you quit B&S IF

    Only thing that would make me quit is if they unbalance the gameplay or add significant content locked behind premium. I'll buy outfits once in awhile to show my support and feed my vanity but I won't pay monthly for a game that originally advertised itself as free to play just to get some exp bonuses and such.
  8. New RNG Box in Shop!

    He's not calling out the fact that you like to support the game and the devs. He's calling you out for being stupid with your money and just being a "whale."
  9. New RNG Box in Shop!

    They honestly don't even look like they are worth buying.
  10. Why is this game getting bad reviews

    Very true. I for one really like this game. I have a lot to learn when it comes to PvP and my win/loss ratio is pretty bad atm but i'm still having fun and I don't expect to be a PvP pro for a very long time. I think that will turn off a lot of players who want to get into the esport scene since it's not like other MMOs where you can pick it up pretty quickly. I just hate when reviewers dock points for things that they praised in other games like quick level grinding vs tedious (WoW) leveling where you have to basically live on Coffee/Energy drinks and forsake work and sleep to hit the level cap within a day or so.
  11. A little question about future patchs

    If you are into PvP and want to see some stuff with Chi Master or w/e it's called check out Jaesung on youtube. He also streams on twitch, I think. There are others but their names aren't coming to me atm. He also does some tutorials and showcases PvP with most of the classes in the game to help people get a feel for their class in PvP.
  12. Why is this game getting bad reviews

    They are claiming that it's not innovative enough outside of the combat but not taking into consideration that this game is not new at all and only new to the West. They also dock points for stating that the game's questing is basically the same as every other MMO (nothing wrong with that because it's a tried and true system) instead of just knowing that's how almost every single MMO is. Basically because it does everything for the PvE side of things that WoW/EQ/FFXI/FFXIV/SWTOR and every other mmo does, this is a bad game to them XD. Thank goodness intelligent people understand that a review is very opinionated and if someone wants to know what the game is really like they can always try it out since it's free or watch gameplay videos of it. Although PC Gamer isn't on my list of very trusted review sites the same way IGN/Gamespot aren't on my list.
  13. Fix the auto-kill

    I don't know about the other dungeons but it's really annoying in the Skittering Tunnels when you are past the dragon blood totem and you still get killed from the fireball coming from the cavern. I get it shooting you if you are still in the tunnel but holy crap is that bad programming if you die in the boss room from it.
  14. Hongmoon Outfits & NC Response

    I think the cash shop would be more successful if outfits were account bound.
  15. Other than dragon pouches i dont see much that forces me to spend money. Then again, I hit 45 and still don't feel the need to buy anything. See ya.