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  1. Not saying there aren't necessarily snobs who scrutinize over gear now, but I think you're underestimating the number of toxic players who don't really understand the game well enough to feel confident causing a scene. The meter is low hanging fruit for them; it's a readily available reason for anyone who's just in a bad mood, doesn't feel like the group is moving fast enough, or wants to show how elite he is by making fun of whoever's at the bottom. It doesn't even need to be a party wipe. if you're at the bottom even after a successful trash pull it's open season on you.
  2. What I'm describing to you isn't really speculation, it's years of playing world of warcraft in public groups. Everything I'm saying here is just recounting exactly what I've experienced. The truth is that we do have a lot of toxic players in this game, and they are muted and, to some degree, kept in line by the fact that there is nothing yet in the game to strictly reinforce their bad habits. Once damage becomes the only thing you can measure it's going to become the only thing that matters. If there's a metric and a ranking system the top ranked guy was playing well and the b
  3. I mainly do randoms, and people at the very least seem focused on doing what needs to be done to kill the boss. Actually succeeding in the boss fight is the only metric they have right now to know if they're doing well. Once the meters go live all of that goes out the window. Most people would rather see the party wipe than be at the bottom, because if you've topped out the meter you can at least convince yourself you did well. Clearly the wipe was because everyone else sucks.
  4. You must not play MMO's very often. Nobody stops DPSing to avoid damage when tunnel-visioning the meters, and if they die it's the groups fault; or, more specifically, the non-existent tanks fault, since everyone in the group is specced to DPS and no one wants aggro. If you have aggro you can't focus on being at the top of the meter. I can't wait to watch every random group I join completely fall apart. It was bad in World of Warcraft, but in a game that's ALL DPS classes it's going to be so much more epic. At least in WoW the tank and healer could usually carry the group, as t
  5. DPS Meters eh? Oh well, say goodbye to the days where people actually use group support abilities, or stop DPSing to actually get out of the way or block an enemy attack. Also, it'll be fun getting booted from group because your classes Meta is 5DPS lower than another class. Also, tanking will be a thing of the past. The number of wipes and insane increase in general toxicity are going to be epic. Can't wait! Also, once there's enough meta information tallied for DPS numbers in endgame content by the best players in the world you know one of the classes is going to end up in
  6. Eh, bots are inevitable, and were only really a problem when they were clogging up server queues. If you want less of them play a game that forces you to pay a subscription fee; bots are all over World of Warcraft to, but at least it's never one guy boxing 100 of them because he'd have to pay for 100 accounts. What this game needs is to keep bots out of the queues for group content, or at least implement a proper vote-kick system. Bots in Arena don't really matter, they're just free wins for low rank players. You can't fight back botting, especially in a Free to Pla
  7. Don't get me wrong, games still all kinds of easy so not like it matters, but I've gotta say I'm a bit surprised. The class actually tanks damage WORSE than my Assassin, has no good way to pull individual targets, has no good way to deal with multiple targets, block is incredibly unresponsive, iframes are incredibly unresponsive, class constantly gets locked into animations to a point where you can't defend yourself, damage is poor. So, just to make sure I'm not wasting my time, what purpose does this class serve endgame? My take right now is too squishy to be a tank, too low DP
  8. Don't think many of the reviewers have touched an MMO for a while. The things they're calling BnS out for are things that have been MMO tropes since the beginning of the genre itself. BnS actually does have stand-out gameplay, and as for the story/world/quests, I can't really think of an MMO that's doing it better. Oh well, MMO's tend to not review well in general and really haven't changed/improved much over the years. I assume it's a genre limitation but maybe there is some inherent laziness behind it.
  9. When something is not supported it means NCSoft is not taking responsibility for how it interacts with their software, and they're not taking it into consideration when introducing patches and new features. That means it may not always work and any problems VPN causes may not be fixed. I'm sure the NCSoft rep here is attempting to be cordial and humor you, and maybe they will look into it a bit, but if I were you I wouldn't expect much.
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