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  1. Hillbilly accent? Unless they changed her voice with the 50 patch or something her current dialect isn't southern at all. I'm guessing most of you don't live in NA, so you just consider any western dialect to be 'hillbilly'. She basically just sounds American, which is a sensible choice for the NA version of the game.
  2. On your first point, I'm not saying that NCSoft wouldn't screw us out of more money at any given opportunity, I'm just saying that the existence of a player economy isn't stopping them from doing that. If they want more money from us they'll get more money from us; they don't need a flimsy pretext like the player economy disappearing to add something necessary to their premium membership, they can do that anytime they want. Acting like we need the player economy because it's stopping them from gouging us is silly. As for selling accounts, there's really not much of a market for
  3. Your entire motivation behind playing this game was gaming the AH? Improving the arena, group-finder, open-world content by removing bots doesn't matter to you... this game is a marketplace simulator in your mind and nothing else? If that's what you seriously enjoy above everything there are much better games for you out there.
  4. Assuming NCSoft is going to use this as an opportunity to screw us with RNG and grinding isn't a valid point against this. It's NCSofts game, if they want to force us to buy premium/boxes or screw us with RNG they'll do it with or without the player economy being intact. If NCSoft wanted to screw us they already would be; we're already forced to trust them. By removing the economy they'd likely have to rebalance things like upgrade/crafting costs, gold drops, etc. but in the long run that's probably less work than fighting an unwinnable war against bots for the rest of this games life.
  5. First, this isn't "making the game singleplayer," you're just being dramatic. The player economy as it exists now is run by bots and is only useful to save yourself some grinding. It's not like the AH is some great interpersonal interaction with other players. All of the actual multiplayer in this game; like arena, dungeons and open world stuff will likely feel more "multiplayer" if most of the people you run into aren't bots. Second, bots can't "find a way" past this. If people can't buy things from other players then bots can't do business, period. Hell, bots can't even powe
  6. Negative: Can't buy things to bypass RNG or sell things to make money faster. So, more grinding, slower progress. Positive: No more bots, anywhere. NCSoft would have to allow one character to have all crafting professions, and should probably adjust RNG and gold/item drops a little, but they really wouldn't have to do anything too extreme.
  7. I still agree with what I said there as well, but for people who do care a lot about bots this IS the solution. For the record, though, I care even less about this games economy. I think removing it and getting rid of the bots would be an actual improvement.
  8. They wouldn't have to redo the whole game. The only thing they would HAVE to do is give characters access to all crafting professions. Everything else you can grind for in this game, and most things you already have to grind for anyways. Now if they wanted to offset the extra grinding they could increase gold rewards, drop-rates and stuff like that. This isn't an economy driven game, though, it would not need anything close to a complete overhaul to get rid of the broken economy it has. This would probably save NCSoft time in the long run, since they won't have to r
  9. They can't block the use of VPNs. Like any third party software they could make them illegal, but bots will just use them anyways. NCSoft already made macro/bot script applications illegal and we see how well that's working. Banning for VPNs would just screw the people who need them to actually play the game. It's really not that radical for a game like this. This game isn't economy driven like Diablo3 was, and Diablo3 pulled it off flawlessly. I'm not saying NCSoft will do this, but honestly if you're not willing to sacrifice the crappy player economy in this game to get rid of
  10. You can time iframes in PvP to good effect, and the fact that you view some things as exploits doesn't mean they aren't layers of complexity to the combat. As it stands no MMO has Blade and Souls gameplay depth for individual characters. Group dynamics are rather simplistic in BnS, but that's not something I really care about. I'd rather my character be interesting to play.
  11. If you press alt+enter at the same time you'll go into actual full-screen mode. That will stop your mouse from wandering onto your other monitor. You have to press both at the same time, though, not hold alt than press enter or vice versa.
  12. Bots use VPNs, so region blocking won't work. This solution is plenty reasonable; the player economy in this game really serves no purpose. Most advancement in this game is solo-farming and gold related. What I'm saying here is the ONLY real solution. If you feel like this game needs a player economy then enjoy the bots.
  13. Really, any crafting issues can be solved by just removing the restrictions on crafting guilds; allow a character to join all of them. Beyond that I understand things will be more of a grind, but NCSoft can adjust things like costs with independent advancement in mind. It'd probably be easier than trying to balance things like drop-rates and upgrade costs around a broken economy. Not saying this won't exist, but there's no serious money to be made for bots here. Hell, since leveling up mostly involves doing quests and completing the story I'm not sure how a bot would
  14. Arena 1v1 matchups require different approaches; we have tons of combos to remember; blocks/counters/iframes to time; animation cancels to perfect; cooldowns to manage There's a lot going on in an Arena match.
  15. This game is fairly linear/instanced with a heavy focus on 1v1 Arena and good amount of solo content. Honestly, the economy doesn't serve much of a purpose beyond giving bots a reason to farm stuff so lazy players can buy cheap gold from them. How important is a broken economy to making this game feel like an online game? Wouldn't it feel more like an online game if 99% of the people you see in groups/fight in Arena were actually people?
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