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  1. Yeah they really need to change how many scales we get. Our gear requires way more scales compares to KR where theirs is either non existant or barely need any scales. Why do we have the same numbers as them??? really poorly designed for this region.
  2. FYI HM level recommendation doesn't mean anything. You could be HM14 with decent/end game gear and you can run them. As long as you know how to dish out a good damage most people don't even care what your level is.
  3. I was really looking forward to them finally having 3 modes like the first good cta. Thought it would be easy event where I can just solo the dungeon on my cta alt but nope they came up with this bull. Easy my ass.
  4. UE4 has been out for months in KR, what makes you think they would start doing this now? The devs don't plan to maintain both versions because the Executives want to milk the mobile market instead.
  5. Very old issue, not really UE4 thing. You fix it by putting that whole folder in exclusion. Like you said it scans the whole friggin folder, really dumb. Or you can make another folder and put the screenshots there until the bns folder fills up again.
  6. oof hope you guys didn't buy any revival packs just to experience this clown fiesta x)
  7. lmao the only places you can use auto combat are prime weald and ebon realm. Other than those zones you risk getting banned. If you don't want to hurt your wrist use a macro bro.
  8. I went to the setting where you can check auto track quest and stuff for the fix. I unchecked some of the options that affect quest (don't remember which one) and the check boxes in journal came back after.
  9. Did she make sure she logged into the right region?
  10. Bug Summary: Game Crashes When Switching To Other Character Reproduction steps: Everytime I want to switch to other character I will get disconnected from the game. Bug Summary: Readeable Fonts Reproduction steps: Not really a bug but it would be nice to have better fonts that are readeable. Scaling the UI helps but it makes everything crowded.
  11. You haven't actually tried everything there are tutorials on how to mod and optimize the game out there.
  12. If you haven't try this yet. I read that switching channels (or move to another spot in that area) will not make you fail fishing. I've only done the channel switching when in Moonwater & Moon Refuge. For Dasari I usually go to the right one and then switch channel. I was fishing fine for hours without fail. Edit: So I tried fishing closer to middle and that spot always fail on me. It's better to do it close to the step by the edge of water (like your character toe touching the edge of the step not on it). And that person that says 32bit is trash don't know what they're talking
  13. It will be in F10 like all the previous swimsuits at the end of summer.
  14. Still no news? Can't wait to see what you guys gonna ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ up this coming Wednesday without informing players, again. The only exploit I see going on is this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ company and their business practice. Thanks for scamming my money NCShit.
  15. Just leave the game tbh. They stopped listening to players' feedbacks long time ago. They will continue ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ something up and introducing more p2w items for whales.
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