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  1. You haven't actually tried everything there are tutorials on how to mod and optimize the game out there.
  2. If you haven't try this yet. I read that switching channels (or move to another spot in that area) will not make you fail fishing. I've only done the channel switching when in Moonwater & Moon Refuge. For Dasari I usually go to the right one and then switch channel. I was fishing fine for hours without fail. Edit: So I tried fishing closer to middle and that spot always fail on me. It's better to do it close to the step by the edge of water (like your character toe touching the edge of the step not on it). And that person that says 32bit is trash don't know what they're talking
  3. It will be in F10 like all the previous swimsuits at the end of summer.
  4. Still no news? Can't wait to see what you guys gonna ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ up this coming Wednesday without informing players, again. The only exploit I see going on is this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ company and their business practice. Thanks for scamming my money NCShit.
  5. Just leave the game tbh. They stopped listening to players' feedbacks long time ago. They will continue ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ something up and introducing more p2w items for whales.
  6. No more materials from boxes now you gotta spend materials for slate system lol nice game
  7. CJade

    Can't log in

    Also having the same issue but it only happens on my main (Summoner). The only way I can play her is when I use 32 bit (but game crashes after a while because 32 bit is unstable :/ ). Maybe you can try switching client because I couldn't even pass the character loading screen when I try it on 64 bit. I can log in just fine on my alts using 64 bit without crashing. Support is of no help either with their copy/paste response. I suspect it's the new windows update that's causing this tho.
  8. I play FM, Sum, Sin the most atm and I always try to cc when needed when m y skills aren't on cool down >.>
  9. The advantage of wardrobe is free space for your items duh.
  10. wait until you need the weapon to upgrade your Legendary weapon. But they might change that after the next content update.
  11. I agree there's always that selfish ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. I pay for Premium and I wouldn't mind having wardrobe to be free for all. It will encourage players to buy more costumes. Also free up inventory spaces for more useful stuff. And yeah they should revamp the premium benefits too. Really sucks we lose a lot during troves :(
  12. It's nice to have mounts that can carry you while doing Quests in Silverfrost region. Since you haven't unlocked the Dragonspire for that location the walk and run is tedious.
  13. Does any1 know where I can get an updated voice pack for the KR version? Your help would be much appreciated :)
  14. On mount issue, if the place is far Windstride is the best option. How the hell does mount help you move across other continent? I don't get why you nitpick on this. The only problem I have is the cost for windstriding long distance. Anyway, buy the time you hit level cap you will earn enough money that it wouldn't impact you. Yo, as a summoner you should be able to change your familiar's appearance and make it a mount. Nice.
  15. I have ready for my alts. Right now I stored 1 of them in my wardrobe and the rest taking spaces in my vault -_- Was really hoping it became account bound after this patch too. At least the Summer Groove Variant is salvageable and I got sth out of them.
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