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  1. New 50 lvl big update

    Speaking as a max geared warlock, nothing is too fast if you are prepared enough for it. I saved up mats and materials across many weeks in preparation for Warlock and geared it to max within the first week. If it was people's intention to level and gear the Warlock class then they should have thought to prepare weeks/months in advanced. Same can be said of people who didn't get to aw. pirate. They had 2 months. If they reaaally wanted to gear their character they could have done it long ago.
  2. Warlock vs 7F

    443 AP / 60% crit / 46k HP I'm a bit overgeared so I might not be the best for answering this problem. But starting out this is the build I used to take him down. 3 points are left over to put into soulburn or time distortion, whichever floats your boat, or just put them in other skills you would prefer; up to you. This build is pretty heavy on the CC. Have two knockbacks (Q and Repulse), knockdown (X), 2 snares (SS and 2), and a daze. With this set of skills you can CC him just about as much as you could possibly want. Just make sure you are blocking his charges and blade draws, looking at his Unstoppable buff for chances to root him again, dazing him out of potentially dangerous moves, letting him do his long animation skills like range aoe move/room aoe/red line of death so you can keep DPSing him. All in all it's been a pretty simple fight after you get used to his mechanics. Tooke me 2-3 attempts to find the build I liked and then 1 shot him ever since. DONT FORGET TO USE 6SEC INVULN POTS IF NECESSARY! Now that I have gear and HM levels, this is the spec I've been using for 7-8.3 You'll notice that it's pretty much just a straight up DPS build. Once you find your groove for all the floors you can just DPS him like crazy, easily block attacks, CC him out of whatever and be done in relatively short order. Each fight takes a bit of learning but once you have the jist of it WL sustains through fights quite easily.
  3. Current state of PvP and PvE viablity

    I haven't had any problem with floor 7. Junghado is quite easy. We have plenty of CC to deal with him and damage if with using Dragon Helix.
  4. Whats the most empty place with warehouse?

    The most empty place that at least looks decent would probably be The Great Kiln in Spirestone Canyons.
  5. Account-bound Costumes?

    Coming from playing TERA, not having account bound costumes is fine with me. If you want a costume on a character then you buy it for that character. The only costumes I think should be account bound are the Master Pack ones (which they are) and the Silver Dragon one (which for some reason isn't. Come on NCSOFT. It's a $100+ costume. Make it account bound). The fact that they are putting in an item you can buy to move costumes around between characters is nice, but as a whole I don't really think account bound costumes are necessary.
  6. Game already dying.

    I'm going to be completely honest and say that you sound like an entitled prick lol "I had all these things on a different version of the game. Why can't I have all this now? Why can't people do X or Y?" The game has been out for a singular month. We are getting some fairly big content updates every month so far, a new class way earlier than any other region gets it, and there is still way more content to follow. Not sure how these updates are slow at all. Look at any other MMO, it releases and then what.. 3-6 months before any new content comes out? Our version is getting stuff so fast and so frequently that its actually a joy to behold. I find it absolutely fantastic. As far as dealing with balance and stuff goes, its fine. Sure the balance itself is a bit off, a few classes are a bit too strong, a couple are a bit too weak, but most of us knew it was going to be this way at 45 and were content to just wait till lvl 50 for more HM skills and and talent points. Not really a big deal. I'd imagine we are like 1-2 months away from lvl 50 anyway, which is really soon considering the game JUST came out. The game is not incomplete. Having 50 skills and skill balance is fine, didn't really change or break much of the balance of the game anyway. Just because you played a game that was a lot farther along doesn't mean crap. If you liked that version so much, go play it, we'll get to that point eventually on our own and then maybe you can come back and grace us with your all-knowing presence again.
  7. Remember that list is for 20 stones. Not 10. Sure I could get around... 25-30g off selling Refiners and Soulstones, but at the price I bought and sold today I spent 50-60g as per usual and then sold for around 4.48g (after fees) so that came out to around 90g. Still the same-ish profit margin and sometimes more, I am selling an item everyone needs right now as opposed to 1 item a lot of people need and 1 item only crafters can use. Not to mention prices on those items are dropping by the day as well.
  8. Not really sure how its not worth it anymore because I'm still making 10+ gold profit on every 10 stones. Make my own refiners Get my own saps 2 alts bring in ~40 Soulstones to help with costs. Daily Shopping list for 20 stones a day: (prices are as of making this post) 220 Soulstones minus however many dailies gave (42.8g) 20 Moonwater Tears (7.30g) 10 Tempered Clay Refiners (4.01g) 20 Moonwater Quartz (1.5g) ~56g spent on gathering materials. After 24 hours I have 20 stones and usually end up making 30-40g more than what I spent. In this case it would come out to about 20-30g with the current stone prices. Heck even if they dropped below to like high 3s they would still be profitable. So I don't really get how its not worth it anymore. You literally just get some mats and press a button and make money. There are probably better ways to get more money more quickly, but this is fine. They have to dip into the low 3g area for it to really become an issue for me. This is also not taking into consideration that we are on the verge of a patch with more dailies and the potential for more weapon upgrades are going to be put into the game. More people are going to be willing to spend gold on stones to upgrade since we will be getting more dailies with the new 24 man. The demand will slowly start to outweigh the ridiculous undercutting practices of idiots and prices should start to go on the rise again. This is all nice in theory, but shouldn't too much of a stretch to assume that we'll be making decent money for a decent while yet. Worse comes to worse, can just switch over to selling soul shields and gems.
  9. Most profitable gathering crafts ?

    As far as gathering classes go, none of them are really profitable. 20 hour orders sell for like 30-40 silver right now and its not really worth it, but it will help you in cutting costs for your crafts here and there so don't think of gathering as something to make money, just do them to contribute to your crafting.
  10. What classes do you find the most fun?

    Sin and Destroyer were the most fun to play for me. Sin is fast and has lots of dps potential if you manage your abilities well. Destroyers are just in-your-face fun. Lots of CC, grabbing things is hilarious, throwing (while not good to do in PvE) and piledriving them is satisfying, and once you get the animation canceling down something that felt slow and unwieldy becomes a ridiculous force to be reckoned with.
  11. Loot System

    At first I didn't really like the loot system all that much, but after awhile I just realized that there are very few items that are actually worth bidding on in this game. First and foremost you should figure out what most of the items are used for. If it's not useful then it probably has no intrinsic value so its not worth bidding on in the first place. Other items are worth every last penny you can spare to obtain it (looking at you Merry Potter Secret Recipe). So learn what they are used for because usefulness adds value to an item. F5 or go to a Dragon Trader to figure out the value of items on your server (e.g. Moonwater Tears, Recipes, Evolution mats) and set a limit for yourself when bidding for these items. If you want to profit from them set that limit lower, if you just want the item then consider that price the maximum when running a dungeon else you are effectively wasting silver This next point is just personal preference, but when buying bopae/soul shields/pizza slices, I set myself at a limit of 20-30s (this is at endgame for Purple Soul shields. Early game ones like Tomb and Narrows aren't entirely necessary, but can make life easier. I just elected to use valor stone shields). If I go any higher than this its for 2 reasons. 1) I REALLY want that piece and 2) To drive up the price to make someone pay more so I get more silver out of it in the end. It's a pretty scummy move, but you can certainly make more money of people who put more value into items than others. If you follow some guidelines the system isn't really all that bad at all. I personally like the ability to "define my own RNG". Most times in MMOs you are grinding till it drops, but for people who think ahead and amass gold, they can eliminate most of the grind by just throwing their money around. Sure it's not the best system in the world, but grinding forever to get something to drop also doesn't feel great either so I think its a nice middle ground.
  12. Moonwater Transformation Stone

    You don't "ditch" it, you equip dokumo since its a base requirement to be able to queue for Supply Chain, but you don't have to keep using it once you do. Once you can upgrade your hongmoon weapon past the 194 AP weapons (which happens with just 1 moonwater stone) you switch back to it.
  13. Moonwater Transformation Stone

    Yup. Just farm skittering tunnels or buy your dokumo weapon off the marketplace, then equip it so you can queue for Supply chain, and then switch it out for Awakened Infernal, or preferably a 194 AP weapon like Profane/Brightstone/Storm Siren/Siren weapons that you can get through various methods.
  14. Moonwater Transformation Stone

    Well you just need to get a Dokumo weapon to queue for it, but the dungeon itself is perfectly doable with a Awakened Infernal weapons.