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  1. Squishy while levelling

    At that level, the best save I used often was veil. Specced it for max HP regen and 30% def buff which seemed to greatly reduce the squishy feeling. Also, when hunting, if you change phantom grip to shadow grasp, you can kind of keep the mobs in place to AoE them down faster. Otherwise, as AkiTomoya said, your iframes are your best friends :-)
  2. Cross region trade limit

    NA and EU data is completely separate. Nothing is shared between them.
  3. As Nel said, only way to gain altitude is to do a high jump and start glide at height of jump or hope you can wall climb the platform. If the quest is the one I'm thinking, have you tried jumping to any other platforms that might be slightly lower than the target and then jump from there. I personally didn't follow Jinsoyun across, just found my own route and had no issues.
  4. Question about FPS problem

    I'd say it's your comp. I've run the game on a system slightly lower than that at max settings (1920x1080 res) without any issues. Only time fps ever dropped below 50 fps was at BW. Been on a slower system since level 50 patch and fps still usually runs 30+ fps most of the time.
  5. Giant enemy crabs

    Just wanted to post a minor bug with the quest "Giant enemy crabs". If the giant crab is killed before all the smaller ones are completed, the speargun stops working and can only be fixed by abandoning quest and starting over. This is mostly an inconvenience, but i thought it might be a little off putting for new players. Also thought I should mention that the same bug occurred on play through with my BM and BD.
  6. Character slots after warlock?

    You could just login to the opposite continent as the data is separate. It'll give you a chance to test it if you don't mind a higher ping. Or like said before, make an alt account.
  7. Fix Combat Mode Already!

    I don't see why they can't set the combat to be similar to Tera, you exit combat if not involved in combat for a period of time.
  8. CPU extensive?

    If you have a decent processor it shouldn't be a problem.
  9. 0 options for summoners

    dot build would be going for skills that get bonus damage when dots are active.
  10. Kinda silly question but needs to be asked.

    Assuming you spec'ed for taunt, hit "Q".
  11. Sunflower and Rumblebees skill 3

    I don't use form 3 rumblebees, but sunflower has been working fine.
  12. Summoner: PvE is OP, PvP is Underpowered

    Pretty much anyone who doesn't do PvP may feel underpowered as those that do it regularly have better reflex actions and established counters/combos.
  13. Summoner: PvE is OP, PvP is Underpowered

    Um..since the cat doesn't attack when tanking, isn't that a bit of a damage nerf to a summoner tanking. Also, with the current change to the taunt, summoners now have to use dodge/counters when it wears off instead of spamming dps for the full 12 secs. Also, summoners don't seem to be underpowered in PvP. Last I checked, a summoner was top of the arena list (though likely has changed by now). Personally I've found the taunt change to be fine. It seems to work ok everywhere except Mushins tower and against mobs associated with OWPvP.
  14. Rumblebee vs Sunflower

    Rumblebees form 1 is good for single targets, sunflower is good for multitraget. Best use for sunflower is to pop a couple focus regen skills so you can spam 5+ sunflower (15+ focus cost). This will put photosynthesis at 5 stacks and pretty much let you spam at will for a bit (managed a few runs of 20-30 secs). Rumblebees is best to use on form 1 so you can move while casting. Also, if you have a decent crit rate, it should reset focus cost often.
  15. Summoner in this new patch

    +1 Drazon