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  1. thank you for taking your time to write this, i will try this out :)
  2. is it any good? or should i just save 5000 zenbeans and use it for soulstones?
  3. i for sure hope the warlock counters the summoner hard, like hard, yet doesnt counter every1 else AS hard.
  4. i bet that 90% of the players who aint summoners who fight vs a summoner is getting a bad taste in the mouth when they see that its the opponent they are facing.. i mean, what does that say about the class, there is noi joy in it, its not like, YES a summoner,. EVER
  5. block vs them is useless, and i cannot get near them because they DISABLE all my charges, my RMB; my Flying slam, my everything, so how am i able to get a hit on them without loosing 40% og my hp before i can actually do anything? Q-E doesnt work from a distance so not working, SS back in them results in nothing other than them back stepping away from me
  6. i sure did afk in dungeons now and then after doing the 4 *cricket*ing daily dungeons for the 50th time, + all the times ppl failed and left, so around 80 times ... really really really really boring, even the first time, and no challenge to it,
  7. then mabye ppl should stop abusing the report function for afkers. since its meant for botters and cheaters
  8. atm blade masters is the hardest class in the game to play, then force master, then kung fu master, then assassin, blade dancer, destroyer, then summoner. in that order. disagree if you want but its the truth
  9. when ppl starts getting reported in dungeons for leeching i suggest 2 things.... either make a vote kick comeback that we ALLREADY HAVE?! the party leader can make a vote kick... use it, the other option would be to make the dungeons more appealing and less boring, which i dont see happening, its boring, its dull but its the only way to get some dailys done so you can actually earn money in the game. crafting is such a mess and is beyound boring to do, no fun in doin it. no reason for new players to get invested other than getting money which requires tons of guild swapping...
  10. ahahah i would like to see you pull a perfect 3rf combo off on a stunned target that doesnt get broken by tremor because ani cancel fails and he gets out of cc and kills you , summoners require little to no skills because 2 enemies is controlled with the same amount or less hotkeys than other classes
  11. i dont get it, many ppl afk in dungeons once in a while and or is there for leeching to a really really really boring dungeon, though ppl is threatening with bans for that, that is not a ban reason, its not a cheat, its not a hack, its simply just getting carried, would ppl get banned if friends carried them from lvl 1-45, NO, so stop talking nonsens :P its not in theyre policy to ban ppl who afk at certain areas :P
  12. you do know there will be a 6v6 battleground right?
  13. i wanna level my third toon up before the warlock, sure it doesnt take that long but is there a way to speed this up even further without the ''15 hour 1-45 video on youtube, i mean all he says is basicly be a premium and do all the side missions and story missions, nothing learned really, i mean, special mobs to farm, areas to go to at a certain level, or anything else?
  14. i actually agree. if your proud of your diamond title you can allways screenshot it as a momento that you actually earned it, if your a BM, or a FM or a KFM or assassin i respect you, the rest of you lots... not so much :P go back to a class that requires actual skills to pull off ,
  15. so your saying that ppl is willing to pay 30 dollars for a bot.... wow.. what a sad life.
  16. there is bots on the 1700-1800 forums, which makes me think that the bots can handle them self vs some newbs :P
  17. well dunno, mostly in pvp its annoying, your getting rating from bots which takes out the competition and the the feeling that you earned your ranks , although blade and soul is the most grind heavy game i have ever seen
  18. yet blizzard managed to do it quite fine alot of the times :P?
  19. shut down the websites 1 by 1, there is only 1 that has bots..
  20. i dónt understand,. in dungeons,. in open world, in pvp, even on the *cricket*ing forums, wtf... where are they coming from,? i dont see a legit botting program out there so how can this be such a big deal around the game, im so confused. i remember when ppl was doing honor buddy in world of warcraft, annyoing as *cricket* for ppl who wanna play this but i know for sure that they dont have bots for blade and soul, can we locate the source of the bots? who is selling them and why so we can stop this...
  21. i thought F was better than X, :P so now its 3rx instead of 3rf?
  22. thank you that helped alot, but do i then use 3x- 3x-3x-3x on summoners instead of 3rf`?
  23. not sure what you mean, every opponent can be chain stunned :P? after they blow the tap and escape
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