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  1. beeen playing tons of mmos where every1 says thats the end game is really hard, elder scrolls online community called theyre so called hard mode dungeons extremely harde but really wasnt anything


    is there anything thats hard in this game or is it just a cake walk and a breexe :)? really curious, i like a challenge,  with trial and error

  2. 1 minute ago, Cesura said:

    I'm pretty sure we NEVER had the infernal horns available from the achievement vendor. Nothing has been removed, so if they're not there now, then they were never there. 


    You're going to need to farm the dungeon for them.

    i mean the black horns ,not the one from infernal set, , the once from silverfrost mountains, it says that you can get it from the achievement vendor though

  3. 5 minutes ago, YunoGasaiYandere said:

    Option 1 follow story quest  only (yellow quests)

    Option 2 buy lv50 voucher from shop. You will be able to create lv50 character and start at act V of story. It's 50€ or 50$ depending on your region.

    not gonna buy my way :) so is the story mission all i need to do really? did they boost that?

  4. Just now, Lorelei said:

    I'm more disappointed by the lack of CC. Do they even have any beyond the KD (X) and bind (2)? FM seems way more user-friendly to me ATM - 3 movement-related i-frames (Q, E, SS), a double stun/double daze/KD (if specced, admittedly), a blanket ranged resist with damage reduction and decent healing if specced, Frost Fury's insane lifesteal, and two MORE i-frames with pretty idiot-friendly timing (Frost Sheath/Armor, respectively. Frost Armor can be specced for an instant heal!).


    I'm honestly baffled as to what a WL would bring to a group, minus Soulburn, that justifies the glaringly obvious skill gap required to play it. Any thoughts? My WL is only level 30, so I'm curious to hear what people think of it at 45.

    well i am 1700 on my wl, by just spamming abilites without any info on them, so its a braindead easy class but it lacks mobilty

  5. Just now, Yamyatos said:

    For normal mobs this doesnt cause a problem.. we have ss and snares and knockdowns and even other silly stuff like the no-target field (if specced. It's C). But if it's a boss i understand this. It can be annoying.. of course only talking about red abilities, since for yellow ones we got block - even tho i forget about it all the time^^

    Its more annoying in pvp

  6. 4 hours ago, RandomIdiotStoleMyName said:

    As title says I would like to know how you beat KFM's in 1v1 arena.

    I never seem to any KFM, it's like whenever I see a KFM against me I feel like going afk because i simply don't stand a chance against them.

    I'm playing a BD and before you start your phrases against him just stay on topic.


    So whenever I fight a KFM it seems like atm my chances of getting him knocked up into an air combo is like 1 in 5 times.

    The moment I get them into an air combo I'm dishing out some dmg on them but I simply don't have any follow up after they land on the ground.

    I can't go into Lightining Draw since they are blocking it and gonna punish me for even trying to use it. Divebomb doesn't seem to be that good for me 2 spent points into it.

    Yes i will cancel the block but the dmg is not that high and they are simply going to SS away after that and I can't combo anything else.

    Whenever they stun me even once I just get rekt. They either keep hitting me on some low punches which stun me over and over until my HP drops a considerable amount.

    And if I misuse my Tab they just go ham. Its an endless stunlock where I am the one dying in the end.

    I kind of hard being punished so hard for well nothing tbh, even without Tab they punish me so hard that its like I wrote above that I simply feel like going afk against them.

    There's a good chance that I'm just bad but i need tips to improve against them so teach me senpai's.



    i main a kfm, biggest things to note is the Q-E, DONT attack them while they do it, it will result in a free stun for them, just wait it out, 


    second, you ONLY wanna trinket a stun,, it *cricket*s up theyre whole 3RF never a daze or you will most likely get 100-0. usually they wanna force yout trinket with daze or a Q-E stun, if they cant they go for the air combos all the way till you loose enough hp to panic and trinket a daze, 

    also never block them, they can also break and stun or daze you out of it


    you also dont want them getting away since they prolly wanna do flying slam that cannot be blocked, so keep within distance of that 


    if you can force theyre trinket from anything minor you can stunlock them to dead with a long combo if you know how to play it ofc,


    so key factor, never trinket a daze or Q-E , wait for the Spin kick, or the tremor or your most likely dead, they use a similar move like your 5 point strike to charge daze you, if you F that they will tech chase it with another daze to force your trinket, dont trinket its just a distraction that they gain little to nothing other than air combo from :), 


    another thing is, if you see a blue aura around them they get insane dmg buff so get away from that, OR, if they got a blue ball over theyre head it means the nxt hit you do to them will freeze them for 3 sec being immune to ur dmg, :P 


    hope this helps :)

  7. 3 hours ago, Bumlife said:

    How nerf is warlock really nerfed in pvp?
    Any experienced players here.

    Thanks XD

    warlock can be extremly painful with theyre dmg output, if played correctly, the downside about it is that they have some HUGELY long cds, 35 sec to 1 minut cds on alot of abilites , they also have to stand still to cast almost everything and have little to no way to escape a close encounter without cds, they can SS and block and use ae knock back but thats it, they still have to stand still, its a really hard class to play if you wanna get rating , but damn fun :) dragon helix is the way to go btw

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