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  1. full moonwater infused with crit from dokumo soul shield blue or epic? is that what i should go for , not talking about the new content , its to prepare for that, or should i just go with the crit shields , the green from crafting?
  2. i heard you can get 1 for pve and 1 for pvp, obtained by pvp and pvp, is this true, and if yes then is it random what you can get or is it 2 specifik blade master secrets?
  3. AHAHAHAH my gear is horrid XD i got the best soul shield ingame, and a weapon near 300k dmg, without spending TONS of gold, dont you dare say that my gear is horrid you gold buyer..
  4. why would you have a target dummy if you cant even practise rotations on it?!
  5. it has NOTHING to do with being good when i only do 3-5 k CRIT
  6. as a blade master your supposed to be able to tank any dungeons with ease. i got 40k hp with the pvp soul shield, farmed like hell just to get true profane 10 weapon and awakened infernal 10 accesories, just to be able to beat mushins tower, but 4th floor.. 4th *cricket*ing floor is literally the biggest horse shit ever for me, im clearly out of range yet the boss hits me, when adds come i cant kill em fast enough in lightning trap without taking a few hits as well sadly i spec the pve spec vs this boss yet with only 4-5k CRITS! i dont see how i can deal enough dmg to
  7. 40k hp, true profane 10 weapon, awakened infernal accesories 10 yet floor 4 is insanely *cricket*ing hard for me, i keep blocking yet i loose so MUCH hp when i actually get hit, as well as dealing little to no dmg on a 700k hp boss. what am i doing wrong.. struggeling so hard, if this is the only way to actually get stronger and get hongmoon levels and stuff i might pass :/ so far blade masters damage is so weak compared to every1, even with the buff. and im running pve spec vs the boss
  8. i went from 60 fps to 20 fps now :S also, how do you get to mushins tower
  9. ya :)im in https://twitter.com/BladeAndSoulOps
  10. GO GO GO!!!!Insert other media
  11. i wish i were a carrot lying under a tree..
  12. oooor you could catch em? get close into a kick or Q-E spam while getting close
  13. for blade master? is there a guide?
  14. the sin and lyn blade dancer only spend 1 focus point for each of theyre lightning slash and deal tons of dmg, why do we have to spend 3 points on it? its insanely hard to deal dps as blade ´master without a FULL lockdown thats played out perfectly
  15. well ill just tell them to skip the AWESOME huge update coming up tomorrow then :)
  16. i wanna practise on a target dummy, but will it register a knockdown, daze or stun? so i can testout rotations?
  17. i really wanna get chunghados samurai hat. and see how well it fits with the secret agent outfit. also was wondering , the scarlet widow mask, will that be able to optain without that wig , would be so cool to look like a ninja without having some female hair.
  18. i couldnt get it higher, upgraded all my gear up so that nxt stage is siren for everything, yet its SO expensive, i just hope this is enough to do some farming in mushins tower .) what is your take on it?, im not rich,
  19. why would there be a limit to your dailys?? im trying to earn some silver and gold to upgrade my weapons for tommorows patch and i have exausted my todays daily, why would you do that dont tell me its to prevent botting from farming more than they have to because that simply cannot be our problem that there is bots running around
  20. they are all in the game, the first 1 is profane sword from a high level area :P, the second i cannot remember but its in the game, the third is a low lvl green weapon you can prolly buy for copper at the marked
  21. now that is a really good tip that even i can use :) , rely on block alot though, but its also hard to keep track of some of ur cooldowns though when Q-E, some times you wanna use it for special moments , others just to avoid dmg
  22. is there actually any plat blade masters who didnt play this game at all before the actual launch in NA and EU? i belive most of them is ppl who played since early betas
  23. what is the ability that they use in youtube vids, from lightning draw, is it a hongmoon or a lvl 50 talent that isnt available tomorrow?
  24. if you got 2000 rating on EU your not allowed to call kfm weak :)
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