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  1. I've seen multiple guides playing with the pve version of searing palm for maximum dmg, spaming stun into 3x 4x searing palm strikes? is it stronger than 3rf atm, i mean if i wanna play 3rf i should go with the stun tree in searing palm, and if i wanna go with 3x i should go with the dmg in searing palm? any information
  2. dont wanna farm the arena if its from other means now? it just doesnt state on the wardrobe where it drops, it says transmuting items aquired?
  3. i most gotta spam click my Q-E for it to work which is really annoying since on my blade master it feels so smooth to Q-E, also having some issues getting my full 3rf combo off, i can get Z-3RF-3VF-3RXF-3RF-3RF but i cannot get another 3rf and a RMB into that for a full combo? why is that?
  4. you cant cc a summoner because even when hes stunned the pet can still do attacks and peel for him with stuns or knockdowns.... why? why why why? i mean the healing is allready too much. the dmg is onpar with a destroyers red spin if you just sit it. and the biggest issue is that he can swap places with the pet so we waste a 30 sec cc every time , there is absolutly no balance about the summoners class at this point no matter what , it has nothing to do with getting good , balance is when every class is even, but when you meet a summoner in arena 80% of the player base has the same reaction.
  5. it doesnt feel like your cced like with a stun or whatever, it actually feels like your mouse isnt working, your keyboard isnt working or responding, that is not good game design, whenever im freeze spammed vs a force master as a kung fu master all i can think of is wtf is wrong with my mouse, cannot move, cannot do shit, i SS backwards into ANOTHER full cc where i cannot move my mouse or camera, and that frustrates the hell out of me, atleast do it as any other mmo before did, let us control our character while rooted... dont make it feel like our mouse is broken... and why. why
  6. i used to get 39 silver for the 4 blue dungeons for lvl 45. now its only 29?? why would that be happening?, its INSANELY boring to make gold in this game, like crazy wanna stick a needle in your eye boring, so why did you nerf it even further when the price to upgrade gear is so huge later on that you had to choose between feeding your kids or playing the game for gold farming
  7. having issues getting my 3RXF and then 3x 3RF before my 3 sec stun runs out? how is it even possible to match in so fast if your pressing 3RF fast it cancels your shinkick so it doesnt deal dmg, been testing it out. slow vs fast botton press, making it so hard to fit 3x 3rf if your also doing 3rxf to get searing palm up. any advice?
  8. is there a reason why ppl dont use searing palm whenever it procs to get the 4 stacks? it hits like a truck
  9. when i use 3rf i have to do it really slow, if i try to completly ani cancel the F kick so it doesnt even show the animation it doesnt deal the dmg , :S so i guess i gotta do it slower?, not spamming btw im confused into where to spec my points on searing palm with the 3rf combo since i cant seem to get 3x 3rf after my 3rxf for some reason, do i need to spec to the right side of the skill tree or left side in searing palm, it says stun 2 sec after 8 hits with a special ability though .S
  10. i wanna get the 1 from PVP, is that the 1 ppl is using or are they using the PVE lightning draw, if so it would be a real issue since gold farmers or gold buyers can outbid you in dungeons and take YOUR skill just to sell it making it harder for bm in PVP..
  11. im lvl 44 on my KFM now and i need half a leve, but i exceeded my daily limit of quests, and i finished all zones with normal quest. how is this okay?? i say you should give the quests an XP buff all around since i dont wanna wait till tomorrow with questing, and as a KFM i want my lvl 45 before i start doing pvp.. so i can practise 3RF..
  12. i see you can get 1 for pvp, and 1 for pve, as a blade master wouldnt i want the 1 from PVP, and if the PVE drops from BSH then whats stopping other gold farmers from bidding on MY skill just to sell it on AH?? , i do understand that it can be sold on the marked but still, if some1 bought gold he can bid an insane amount on a skill that I need to get for my class, locking skills behind a paywall is not fun :/ so hoping i can get it from pvp
  13. sorry for shit spelling... omg, junghado is too op, nerf him!, i should be able to beat him in 1 hit, on first try.. oh gosh. summoners is op, they have a pet and i dont know how the game mechanic to kill the summoner works.. blade dancers is op because , ya we need more reasons! destroyers is op, because, ye well spin to win bla bla bla kung fu masters is op because of 3rf blade masters is op because of block ( force master crying ) force master is op because of the stun freeze camera lock wah wah
  14. and we can go stealth, and swap places, spin to win, stun lock for ages, ani cancel kill in 4 hits, send our pet into do our dirty work, or just stand at a distance and cast spells from afar, we are so broken, oh wait. forgot thats every other class...
  15. ya we are so Op we should practiscly forfeit every time a class with lower rating fights us! because we can just stand still and win!
  16. the grind in this game is inreal and unfun :/ the grind you gotta get through to upgrade your weapons and gear is beyound boring, getting gold in this takes ages and ages , you do daily all day long then you sell some stuff on the marked, IF you bother getting crafting, what i really dont enjoy is that i just wanna do pvp and get good at pvp but i HAVE to do tons of pve content in order to do pvp and climb the lader, getting hongmoon skills that takes ages to get, a real grind :/ thats NOT fun to farm for.. your legendary abilites that EVERY1 can bid on because they are a *cricket*
  17. what legendaries can i get in the 10th patch, i heard there is only 2 available, 1 for pvp, 1 for pve, i see 1 from bloodshade harbor, but what is it from pvp?
  18. Training Dummies is completly useless compared to getting a low level weapon and going out into the wild and practise your rotation all you can do with it is see your dmg, but can you practise your rotation on the dummy, NO, because all kinds of CC slows and whatever is not available on practise dummies, makes no sense in my eyes.... was so looking forward to it,
  19. true that, thx for your advice though, just dont feel like doing arenas atm, i cant even beat mushins tower ... guess i suck so i gotta practise mushins tower, when im good enough there im good enough in pvp, my issue is not using Q-E to its fullest and blocking when i should , so practise
  20. true it gives a little bit of xp but not much, and in dungeons, most ppl skip mobs to get to bosses, ? after doing the dailies there is only pohara and BSH and NSH, where they skip mobs . so i dont see a legit way of leveling faster in your answer, pvp gives little to no XP at all and the blade master is so under powered atm that it would be a waste teo try it through pvp unless your a tryhard get gut player,
  21. as a fellow blade master i totally agree! we are too op, we can block forever, wtf is that?! and we can deal less dmg than any other class but its NOT ENOUGH! it has to be lower, i suggest we remove our blade call and our charge stun, and tbh fair for the other classes, mabye also our weapon, remove it! *cricket*ing blade masters!
  22. i feel like doing my dailys only give me around 10% xp and there is alot, pvp dailies, and all the dungeon dailys, yet is this how slow leveling should be going or is there a faster way to actualy reach hongmoon levels, i feel like its, do the daily, then log off wait till tomorrow and so on
  23. why is my crit so low, i got 50-110 crit infused on all my moonwater soul shields, yet i am stuck at 1100 , i wanted to get around 1500-1700 as ppl say i should be having, http://imgur.com/a/HyRFp my dmg is around 3-5k crits with honed strike, which is really low atm, how can i increase this without upgrading for TONS of gold into weapons and accesories, siren is so expensive
  24. IF YOUR STUCK at lower rating than the pre pre season, the really easy and simple answer, when you started the pvp pre pre season you were fighting against ppl who didnt know theyre class, or had low levels , now most players in arena is 45 and have hongmoon 1 that gives us more skills, ontop of that they did a damage buff to every class and some tweaking , so it is only natural, you werent a plat player before, you were only taking advantage of early season and new players ;) ofc i dont talk about ppl who actual can get there, but ppl who is struggeling at the gold rank now , who
  25. i got full moonwater pvp soul shield fully infused with elite critical soul shield for crit, i got around 1100 crit damage and 37% crit chance and around 890 crit power., its way to low, how can i improve on this? awakened infernal 10 accesories. true profane 10 weapon, and critting 4-6k . any way to tackle mushins tower easier? interms of stats. ya i can go do BSH or the 24 version, but any other way to IMPROVE what i allready have? its too expensive for me to go to siren . and i hear ppl having 1500 and 1700 crit damage with true profane gear.
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