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  1. Are R-autos faster than LMB-autos?

    Yea, I use LMB as well, the delay isnt really an issue personally cause you shouldn't be having to spam left click anyway, only gotta press it every few seconds for a 3RF.
  2. Are R-autos faster than LMB-autos?

    It's the left mouse button not the right one and its mainly for pvp.
  3. Are R-autos faster than LMB-autos?

    Huh? You not really suppose to be strafing with 3rf. The combo only pops up when you stun or daze.
  4. I am sorry but this is just wrong.

    How is that wrong. You didn't do enough damage to deserve getting a drop from it. Get a party if you can't get enough dmg done on your own. And if you spent a hour doing blackwyrm and wasn't able to do around a million damage then you definitely didn't deserve the drop.
  5. Are R-autos faster than LMB-autos?

    Yes, it is widely known that BnS has mouse input lag. Only way to fix is to use a mouse program like x-mouse control to rebind left and right click to R and T or you can just use R and T on the keyboard instead of the mouse.
  6. KFM - Junghado

    Well, you can't just counter his pentaslash. You have to counter it then q/e dash. Mechanics are simple, when he says something about dragon hes about to dash at you with resist so you block and q or e. When he says something about turtle thats when the ice is coming so you knock him up in the air to avoid the ice and his combo he performs before the ice comes. Forgot the name of the other one but then he does an sword aoe just knock him up or avoid it before he casts. If he's standing still with his hand up and sword at his side, triple kick him cause thats his counter stance. And when he does the red aoe that he stands inside just block and q/e after. He should rarely hit you hard unless you are not blocking/stunning/leg sweeping/getting him in the air right. And always keep 5 stacks of searing palm up and fighting spirit.
  7. KFM - Junghado

    He gave you a legit answer. Get the PVP build out and keep him stun and dazed, knock him up every time its off cooldown and block his dashes. Q/E then after block.
  8. LvL 45 what to do now

    The Poh6 soul shields are the PVE ones, so how is it a waste of time. Moonwater ones from grinding insignias are the PVP ones.
  9. Banned for being AFK?

    You said bypassing AFK wasn't a bannable offense now you are saying you contacted support to ask them if it is. All the proof I needed you were just talking with no valid logic or information behind it. Thanks for that. You wait on that ticket.
  10. Banned for being AFK?

    I don't even know what you're talking about. You must be his alt name cause you make no sense either. If you contact support and just ask if I dance will I get banned, with no context at all, they will look at the message like is this kid serious. If you ask them will dancing while I'm afk for hours will get me banned, then that's an actual question with actual context.
  11. Banned for being AFK?

    No, nice try though. You didn't say that, here's what you said and what I replied to. Now explain to be how bypassing AFK is not bannable. With real proof and not your own opinions. No playing with words needed.
  12. Banned for being AFK?

    I don't understand it either. People in this thread keep falling back on the "banned for dancing" aspect of it instead of the banned for bypassing AFK kick.
  13. Banned for being AFK?

    Both are to blame. I'm sure a dancing AFK kick will be put in later(maybe this maintenance). Its common sense to log off when you know you are leaving the game for hours, if you decide not to and do something that leaves you open to being banned for bypassing AFK thats on you. And by the OP's replies that they went to a high mountain and then started dancing I'm pretty sure they already knew dancing kept you from being kicked. OP just wasn't expecting anyone to be able to see them and report.
  14. Banned for being AFK?

    There's no reason cause you have no proof, pretty simple to come to that conclusion. You contacted them asking was dancing bannable or not or did you contacting them saying if DANCING FOR HOURS to avoid getting AFK kicked is bannable? 2 completely different questions. And I'm pretty sure you know it but since you wanna be right in a discussion you're clearly wrong in wait on that response.