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  1. got that 1000 error dc then asura was at 300k, sweet, i guess i will start again
  2. im mostly asking cuz i know that i need to knockdown bosses in asura dungeon, so yea, i need knockdown ;/
  3. But, im talking purely about knockdown, not double stun/ double daze/cats mount
  4. I cant figure it out how to properly double knockdown with summoner, i know i got cats skill, and i need to use one of my own casts, which im not sure how to use it to double knockdown a boss Anyone can clarify?
  5. yeh, contacted customer support, all they adviced now is to wait, thank you, very helpful :)
  6. also seems that occasionally game closes itself if you alt+tab or?
  7. I'm guessing I'm not the only one who after latest maintenance gets disconnected from the server more often then before? Before the patch, I used to get dc maybe like couple times a week(which is no problem for me), and now I get a dc at least couple times every day and it's annoying especially in some mushin tower where I have defeated 12/13 floors, and I get dc, and I have to start all over... Anyone else got into same situation since the latest patch? I usually don't complain on forums about such situations, but it's starting to annoy now, that it happened to me seco
  8. Anyone can explain a proper DPS rotation for sunflower overcharge? Or explain his own overall DPS rotation he does to maximize the damage potential
  9. I always heal my party members, don't care if pt sucks or is it good, no reason to not heal either way
  10. I often start to see people not allowing french into their dungeon parties, what is the reason behind this? xdd before someone asks, im not french, but i find this funny though
  11. So I was wondering which bracelet is the best to go for at level 50, breeze gives alot of AP and alot of CD but none CR, however there are others that gives lower AP and CD but has decent amount of CR suggestions from experts?
  12. now that level 50 continent has came out, what would be the top deal now, breeze?
  13. So, which one is better? im talking about pure DPS, so is critical dmg worth over attack power? siren stats - 193crit, 255 crt damage, 6 additional dmg +10 pirate stas - 271 crt, 8 attakc power, 7 additional dmg windshock is not bad aswell, - 285 critical, 3 attack power, 195 crt damage - so which one would you people recommend out of all three?
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