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  1. Bad Community, why?

    F2P - It does play a strong part, they have absolutely hundreds of thousands of complaints to deal with every month. People tend to realise they can get away with being an utter shit stain to anyone and never even remember they did it. Such a high volume of people means most of the inappropriate stuff reported will get brushed under the rug 9/10 times. PVP - I remember playing Aion (another NCSoft game) and people who had dueled once 2 years ago still flamed each other whenever their name pops up, year long feuds ended up being guild feuds and then its toxic and it spreads. PLUS you can see peoples gear, at least Aion you had the choice to hide it from other players. People are free to criticize someones skill when they automatically get an F for effort with equipment. And to quote another person here its true the game is very selfishly orientated. Its a shame all mobs arent boss loot functioned. (Everyone gets their own) ... it would solve alot of peoples problems. And I cannot tell you the times I have called someone something under my breath for stealing a mob etc... and then thinking to myself... Don't lower yourself to it.
  2. Draw your Character (General Fanart Thread)

    I would really love to start doing commissions but I got alot of practice needed. Check out my art on instagram! @denisebird_art
  3. 60+ chests = 0 Bagle WTF?:D

    Sweet christ thats awful D:
  4. Draw your Character (General Fanart Thread)

    still working on it :D weapons not finished and i wanna completely reshade her face. AND THE TAIL OMG help pls QQ
  5. Could someone explain how to fix that the 1-4 on the side of my Logitechg600 mouse is now not working since the patch last night? tried a relog/restart and still not working. Thanks, Ryo x