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  1. Typo on the maintainse today or?

    Only 4 hours? Lol, i just saw the 30 hours message in game xDD
  2. Gun wielding class in the future?

    It would be hard. Yes, there are NPC with guns, but... our characters trained in Hongmoon, i don't remember seeing any gun there.
  3. What The Heck Do You Think Did This?

    It was Gintoki. That can, obviously, killed the shogun and kept travelling through the space. Years later, it reached BnS world and... You already know what happened (?).
  4. @NCWEST - Proposed change to pvp system

    Errr no. First of all, in order to join a guild, is obligatory to be part of a faction. You can't choose to not to be in one faction ._. If i want to be in a guild, i have to flag pvp 24/7? What.
  5. Take care in Bidding!!!

    That's it. Just wait a few seconds after each bid. If you wait, it's almost impossible to be trolled. Of course OP doesn't deserve it, but waiting 2-3 seconds after each bid (Including the 10-20copper ones) won't kill him.
  6. Take care in Bidding!!!

    If i see people in spamming Y in a bid war, i pass even if i need the item precisely for this. About Moonwater Tear... Yeah, it's a troll-detecter item, i always spam Y a few times to uncover trolls (and sometimes take their money, hah). It's fun seeing them leaving the group after troll-bidding 1-3 gold without any bids after that. In this bidding system, you need to be smart. And, the most important thing... Wait a few seconds after each bid. A spamming Y bid war it's like saying "Come on, troll me"
  7. Being a summoner is sad.

    Well, it's simple. If you win as a summoner, your skill will always be 0. Always. Summoners doesn't deserve the victory just because they are summoners, "designed for noobs". <- This is my conclusion after reading this forum. As a summoner, i'm done with pvp, dailies aren't worth.
  8. I agree that it's very strange a full raid of summoners, but... I saw the first boss killing. There is no hacking there .-.
  9. Summon can reduce the incoming damage for 90% (Q) and the summoner has a few perk points that involves more defense (Summon's defense) against a boss aoe (More defense after several uses of "Huzzah! - Z - ). A well trained cat will resist almost everything c; Edited: I'm seeing the video. You just don't know how to control your cat properly ._. In 4:45, when you said "hacking begins" i can see all other cats doing their "block"/taunt, which reduces the damage as I said. Your cat dies because it's eating the full damage.
  10. I just got to True Profane Staff - Stage 10 and... Well, the upgrading cost is so high (That 4 stones and 70 soulstones killed me xD) that i wanted to ask first. I don't want to go through that insane farm for nothing, lol. It's worth to transform Profane Staff into Siren Staff? A 20% focus recovery seems a bit low. The Profane effect it's just too good when it triggers, but... I don't know what to do. Thank you for reading c:
  11. Ssssh, don't say it too loud, i love my 0-queues/crashes server c; (?)
  12. That's why i said "another things", lol. If OP is so worried about the servers going down, he can switch to another game if he just wants to play. Of course, gaming is not an obligatory option xD I can't list all the things outside the game because... Well, i'm still learning English, it's not my native language, sry about being so vague D;
  13. I heard that most of the people of that "Real Life" like to judge other people without knowing them. You shouldn't harass about "Real Life" without knowing the other person, it isn't healthy. Be happy :)
  14. Just wait. Do another things, play another games, there are a lot of things you can do to fill that 5 hours "gap".