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  1. Nop, i don't enjoy that c; Few days ago it was an easy win after another, now i sweat everytime i want to win. That is what i enjoy, without crying "OP" if a FM keeps me permafreezed and attacking from behind (I think he changed perks at last match, so much difference... huh), I need to learn more to counter that, that's all. Posting in a forum doen't fix anything.
  2. There is a entire quest dedicated to talk to craft guilds reps. Do you read your missions? lol
  3. Well, my summoner just got completely destroyed by a destroyer in 30 seconds or less each round, proof that is broken and op. Let's make a cry thread about destroyers! :D Spoiler: I won't do that.
  4. Well, that's why is labeled as "easy" class, but the statement "easy to learn = noob" is false, it's hard to master that frking cat (The one summoned). And it's a pure fallacy to say they are op just because they were designed "for noobs and women", as the author says: "Summoner WAS DESIGNED for noobs/female players, NCsoft said it themselves, thats why its so easy win". It's easy. We have 5 days with this game running -> Easiest class owns. PS: My Summoner is the cutest, no discussion. >:c
  5. Stopped reading after this, JAJ. "Noob class" is an easy argument. I'm a male playing a summoner, so i'm a noob, seems legit. BTW, in PvP, the ones who i found easiest to kill are assasins, most of them haven't learn to deal with a summoner, about 90% assasins i fought kept playing with the cat without stunning it, just hilarious. Game officialy launched in EU just right now. Wait for the balancing patches, lol.
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