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  1. Just now, Caex said:

    im quite fine where we are now if Ncsoft could fix bot issues. I pay for the development of the game not for the benefits imho

    you are fine but i am not as rank 9 i want that option and i am sure there are more that wold like it too 

    i don't really care if they give it to rank 4+ or 5+ as long as they make it happen 

  2. 1 minute ago, Caex said:

    dont start entitlement posts D: bad for community 


    But to talk on subject,


    While yes it is annoying that we cant sell on marketplace anywhere. if yo uneed to empty your inventory as a paying player you have the Dragon express tab you can sell junk on atleast.

    well we didn't pay for nothing we did to get some benefits and we need more

    sell from any place well not make it p2w for premium players 

  3. i want to make a segustion as premium member so freeloaders stay out  this one please 


    why can't we sell at market from any place as we can buy now 

    why don't you make it for rank 4+ / 5+  or 6+ to sell from any place at map as we can open our storage now at rank 9

    why we have to go in the city every time we need to sell

  4. i have the same problem the mob keep resetting if i root them and yet NCSOFT don't want to look into it and fix it they just did translate the class file and drop it in the game and i am sure 100% they did something wrong with the warlock file translation just to drop it in the game in time for the patch i did open a ticket and guess what they said 


    Dillon Yesterday at 21:04


    Thank you for contacting us again. Upon checking your request, it is intended for monsters to have their HP Reset if they are bound by a certain skill and the said caster of the skill is out of their range. It is more like of an enemy recognizes that he is being attacked, but doesn't know the source of it being too far away and the system resets its HP instead. 

    Regardless of that, I have forwarded this information to our Quality Assurance (QA) Team so that they can fully investigate the situation.

    Please understand that we are unable to provide status updates on bug reports. This allows our team to focus on quickly addressing bug reports and other issues in the game, so that our players can experience the smoothest game play possible.

    If you have other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

     really ...??? so as a warlock i have to mele the mobs or they reset what a joke 

    (((  i didn't go out of range for those who want to ask like every warlock or forecmaster i keep few meter's between me and the mob when i use soul shackle so i don't get hit )))

  5. mushin's tower 3F last boss ( Bomani ) reset's 2 time's on a row for me this is not the first time 
    and only reset's if i play with my warlock 
    blackram supply chain 4 man first 3 boss's drop only locked Moonwater weapon chest when i play with my friend i thout its a bug coz we didn't use the dungeon lobby after that we used the dungeon lobby and still the first 3 boss's drop locked Moonwater weapon chest why ....????? when i do 6 man i get soulshield and poharan's perfume ....????????


  6. 3 hours ago, Moggie said:

    Hello, fellow non-pvper here. I just take all the misty woods faction quests except for the one where you have to kill other players. None of the other ones require pvp, although there is the risk of being attacked. I just try to run away and change channels if it happens.

    i really don't want to take the risk as you said + its not even that much soulstones from each quest

    we don't want to get forced to pvp and get mad for few soulstones or nothing

    while pvper/macro users can make  over 100 soulstone per day like walk in the park

    i don't hate pvpers i hope they enjoy the game too and in the arena

    but we want to enjoy it too but it's harder for us  coz we can't make that much soulstone for upgrades and its not easy to make money in this game to buy all the mats you need for upgrade ether 



  7. before the pvper's jump on i am talking as a pve player that hate pvping

    why soulstone in pvp quests and arena reward only ...???

    why don't you make it in normal pve daily's quest's and dungeon's drop....???