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  1. References to books/games/movies in B&S

    this is cool... though I would like to know where did they get the character dances from? sorry for posting this here, but it's still referencing, right? lol
  2. [Found] Bot/Spammers Report

    More more more stacking up berserkers
  3. Hi guys, I saw some weird sh*t @ Jadestone Village - Entrance to Plague Hollow... THERE ARE SO MANY BERSERKERS WITH *iasduhaadfodhf* kind of names... I can't report them one by one though, but I do have a screenshot:
  4. Some stuff are poorly worded in-game. Well, translation thingy
  5. Typo Error/s In-game

    Hi guys, Good day! I see a typo error under Act 3 Chapter 24: Promises when I talked to Doyuhan. I forgot to screenshot that particular conversation, but it is just a very little error - misplaced 'the' in the sentence. I do have subtitles and I do listen to the voices of NPCs. This is a very light 'error' though. Nothing serious to worry about. Though, we could have this thread for any other 'typo errors' so that this game could become 'perfect', well in a sense of storytelling. Thank you!
  6. Dreadtide Arena ...

    Nah, i got it
  7. "failed to connect to server .200"

    there are A LOT of players in NA server.. A LOT,,,
  8. Server down or crashed ?

    Please read on this forum. or our twitter accounts