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  1. Im guessing they forgot to mention you cant purchase Gems with gem powder anymore.... and so... the only free way to get gems is with solar energy thats why they reduce the cost of it.

  2. 19 minutes ago, RavTH said:

    WL:it's gonna take like 20/30 minutes
    FM: no it's not
    Video time: 31:48
    he was almost right :HajoonSurprised:

    it wasnt the WL talking it was another friend of mine XD but yeah i wanted to try duo so i kept saying it wasnt to take that long ( also in the video description's i set the time for the boss clears u dont need to see all XP

    Clears: Boss 1: 3:35 Boss 2: 25:50 :3

  3. Not really sure wich section should i put this but oh well ...

    Some people still have difficulties on this dungeon and some even think you need to have a full party to actually complete it.. the thing is more people more dps and its faster of course but its also possible to do the mechs with 2 people

    Altought i did alot of stupid mistakes ( and cause of it we used res charmbut overall it's possible).

    It was a clumsy run but if done with no mistakes, no res charms or whatever is needed.

    So i just took that part from the stream i did and wanted to show people how it can be done i hope it helps some of you :3


  4. So i've been doing Shadowmoor everyday and usually im always doing mechs either curse or cut, and some of times the mark/cutter dies doing the mechs phase  without apparently reason... we start thinking maybe we pulled too soon or too late, or even hit the pools without noticing, anything at all.

    The other day i did 3 man and we all know the mechs perfectly and for no reason the same thing happend again the marker/cut dies with no apparent reason so we tried to do with different strategies trying to figure it out why it was killing and we found out is that if you Soulburn doing the mechs phase the mark/cut dies...


    Apparently Soulburn removes a certain buff that keeps the mark/cut from dieing when switching phase...


    I honestly don't know what to react... So yeah guys until they "fix" this issue dont use Soulburn during mech phase.

  5. In my personal opinion( if you are a fire Fm) i dont recomend using 1 on block simple cause you cant cast instant inferno and thats the main source of damage of fire stance, best choice is use your fire tab it became really easy to use it when they change it and if u sucessful block it reduces its coldown by 6 secs wich is enough time to block again when another orbs spawns and the best thing is u can constantly continue dpsing, u dont even need to turn to the orb u can block from all directions(front, sides,back whatever) just press tab when orbs are near and done.. i personally block anything either weeklies or range tank in VT or whatever aoes that are blocklable i always use tab making not waste iframes so fire tab all the way baby ;3

  6. you just wrote on your own ticket that the issue was resolve before they check it up thats why they said "thank you for updating and its resolve".


    when getting a bug on wich there's no way to turn around you either sent a ticket to the support and wait for their reply( dont reply to your own ticket to bump it up.. if you do u are actually bummping down) or since its right on the start there's really no reason to ask support or anything, just delete the char and create again and you are good to go if the problem persists there u write a ticket and wait

  7. I usually dont spend much if not anything at all but this time because i wanted the outfits I opened 400 keys, i manage to get 2 grand phoenix pieces ( missing the wings :phew:) but i barelly got any Outfits-crits ( the game knows that i was in for the outfits...)


    But instead, basicly all of my crits were Gem-crits, and i basicly got 5 gilded gems with all those gem crits ( the 5th Gilded - i have enough obsians for a gilded one but its not realese yet XD ) and i got the Frostfeather Wings ( who would have know they are a 2-star crit )


    So for me it was totally worth it... but the outfits...:D:

  8. well too be honest i think the warden class fits more gons then yuns... that bit of heals its really just an add like they are supose to be brute strenght and warden is a berserker kinda type so i do get it... what kinda upsets me its the other class that is coming untill now known as "archer" and its going for jin and lyn only, now that you can complain because yuns are kinda elvish right? so you think archer+elve combo fits... but well guess what they are not going for them...


    Maybe the main reason that yuns dont have a class of there own its because they are female only race, so there for they usually give it to jin and if too many requests they pass on other races just giving an example... at the beggining Forcemaster was supose to be a Yun race only class but you know how in kr servers they simple love the Lyn race and there for they pass also to them and later on ( guessing ppl complain about wanting to be a male that is not a furry little child) added to the gon race ( for me forcemaster gon even today feels so off.. like a brute giant thing with a little ribbon bangle out of his hand ... for me simple doesnt fit...)

  9. 22 hours ago, RagingPhenix said:

    Can the people that held on to them for 2 years get compensation then ?

    Why should  even get a compensation for that? doesnt make sense since they never said to keep it or that the event would ever be back...You kept it cause you feel like it, you are not getting any sort of penalty to actually deserve a compensation


    Especially since cause there was no info about keeping it, what about the people that dont have or people that had them and throw them away because the event was over there would be a major issue if they "compensate".

  10. 11 minutes ago, Liinxy said:

    The new Designer Threads can only be exchanged for premium cosmetics that are available through costume RNG boxes and since the Grand Phoenix costume wasn't sold in this way, that's why it's not available for trade with the threads. Don't worry though! The Grand Phoenix set will become available again in the future.

    Finally an awnser!!! like so many posts regarding questions about the outfit and no awnser at all and even if we ask its like "no info", At least now we know it will comeback its just a matter of time thank you Liinxy for responding

  11. oh and just wanted to add that this " Designer Threads" are a feature so it means it will happend again as they said " We’ll be following a similar process for the Favorite Fantasy Outfit Chest, and future costume chests."


    Now here's the issue Grand Phoenix was not a costume chance chest like the others it was a direct purchase from the HM Store, makes you think maybe its why they didnt bring it back... but like seriously i could say that other regions had this outfit alot of times ( but we cant really compare to the other regions can we...) and not bringing it back and bringing the others doesnt seem right at all.


    We are garanteed that future costume chest will always have a comeback we dont know when but they will come...Regarding Grand Phoenix they simply stay silent.