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  1. Show off your characters!!

    One of my favourite hair's
  2. Show off your characters!!

    Finally got the outfit now i need to get the hair to complete it
  3. Show off your characters!!

    Created a jin just to see how the new hair looks.. what you guys think? :3
  4. I just found it really funny that some of us that really like the outfit were waiting for it along time ago.. and altought some are not much interested, that doesnt change the fact how funny it is that other regions got our design frist then us:
  5. Show off your characters!!

    When you listen to the"beat" :3
  6. Show off your characters!!

    Trying to create a good looking jin what you guys think?
  7. I decided to get only 100 keys fro this and always used the 5 at once system it does proc a crit i got alot of crits got chair pets octa gem hexa obsidian gold dragon midnight set profane awk and materials.. so yeah i think it was good.. So its a matter of rng :3
  8. White Tiger Outfit *.*

    I really must show this.. this outfit its so nice and just look at that pet *.* Seems this outfit its like Phoenix and Rosethorn i just hope we can buy from the F10 instead of an event like rosethorn...
  9. Alternative Rotation Start For FM

    well idk if the starter is wrong or not i dont use this rotation.. i prefer using x>v>x>rmb>lmb>F>(rmb>lmb>2)>v atm The rotation i mention it was actually a friend that said most of ppl use it and he said it was the best.. And about courage badge users for the alternative rotation i said that " ...note: i dont recomend for Corauge badge users to use this one cause the C ( thats gives the burn) kinda messes up the flow )..." the alternative one implies that you use short fuse wich is not good for the proc of the badge well, if you can do it and it didnt make a difference to you its ok but for my friend it made a diference and he was the one that insisted to put this rotations on a post so it could help other fm's like him he has lower ping then you and has trouble doing the rotation so i tried different kinds of rotations simpler and easier to help him, so changing it helped he started doing more damage this way instead of the rotation he was doing cause he was always messing it up so even if you manage to change the rotation just a little bit in a way u can do almost the same damage and do less mistakes the better the damage that i said was the same was refering to these 2 rotations they both take 6 secs (inspite the fact you said the rotation is not that one, it was the one i compared),so when you finish you end up around the same damage And like i said in the note "...i liked the alternative rotation more cause there's like less probability doing a mistake since you have to move all around especially if you are tanking a boss..." - talking about wich one is easier Again this is to help those who dont have much experience, move alot and tanking bosses since its very easy and no mistakes can be done. Altough in my personal opinion FM is one of most easiest classes to learn in pve but still some have dificulties its not just a matter of spamming rmb and lmb while 2 and F in the middle P.S.: The rotation im using takes 4secs to do it, he tried but messed up, there's nothing wrong about showing and telling other people about alternative rotations altought i did appreciate about your thoughts. Next time ill try to specific about easier rotations and help learning and not saying alternative rotations (cause it seemed by what you said that i was giving another rotation even better dps overall then all the rest, and that wasnt the message that i wanted to give)... i wasnt looking for a debate wich is the best but wich was easiest to start with i just wanted to help
  10. So as we well know, the best rotation to start as an FM is Rotation: x>v>rmb>lmb>x>rmb>lmb>F>rmb>lmb>v (...) the rest is basicly spaming the rmb and lmb aswell as 2 and F in between whenever they are availabe until the cd of meteor and inferno ends ( not forgeting about pressing 1 to keep the burn up) here's a video below showing: The thing is not everyone can do it as fast or cause of their low ping they mess up alot, so i have an alternative easier rotation for you guys (note: i dont recomend for Corauge badge users to use this one cause the C ( thats gives the burn) kinda messes up the flow ) Alterative Rotation: c>v>1>x>x>rmb>lmb>f>rmb>lmb>v (...) the rest its the same rotation as above ( Couldnt find a video and i cant make video about it /but you can test it cause its easy to do it) The only diference bettewn this 2 its the start the rest is the same and while the frist rotation you have to wait 2,5 secs to start ( cause of inferno) the alternative rotation everything is instant cast. The damage in end its the same for both so its a matter of personal taste. Note: I tried alot of diferent rotations and i just wanted to help those who have trouble doing them, speaking for myself i liked the alternative rotation more cause there's like less probability doing a mistake since you have to move all around especially if you are tanking a boss Thank you for your time and i hope this helps you improve your gaming :3
  11. About removed Xanos in Basin

    well the other way to get it without speding anything is doing the daily challenge wich give you solar energy and in 2 weeks you can get a xanos disc, if you have mutiple character you can get one xanos disc per char since its account bound you can easily send it to your main
  12. Persisting 'Disconnected from the server' Error

    geez guys stop making mutiple posts about the dc's ... its cause the EU servers are still in maintenance
  13. Show off your characters!!

    random pic but looks funny cause seems im flying XD

    If you are an EU player.. no the maintenance its not over thats why you are getting dc..
  15. Show off your characters!!

    just got this rosethorn outfit simply loving it *.*
  16. Show Off your Gunner Preset

    Give her a vampire look, here's my gunner :3
  17. Show off your characters!!

    my gunner is ready to get started ;3 gave her a vampire kinda look
  18. Doesnt matter wich browser you use.. just ctrl+F5 to force reset the page works on any
  19. Take screens

    well better to prevent then to cry later :3
  20. Servers down?

    just great... my day off is today and tomorrow and today i can´t play because of the crash and tomorrow i can't even imagine how long the maintenance will be because of server merge... just my luck..
  21. B&S CN Information

    in case you didn't notice those free costumes including in the wheel have 30 days and 7 days of use.. they aren't permanent, besides that the rest its nice
  22. Jin VS Yun

    Well in my opinion my vote goes for Yun i like the delicate look and not only you can make better faces but for me jin's body its to "stiff", people dislike yun's body cause its proportions when they arent that bad the problem is that most of people who create yun put them super skinny... And i will be honest i frist picked a class and then race ( only jin) then created an alt based on its looks and then class ( yun) and i liked so much how it looks compare to jin that i make it my main..
  23. Show Off your Gunner Preset

    for a gunner perhaps i will create something like this not sure if i should change anything on her, what do you guys think?
  24. Feedback on Summer Splash on F10

    Honestly the only one that i wanted is the summer groove... I just hope since its still summer they will release it again.. I couldn't get it before and been hoping to see it again on store. Who knows, they should know that alot of people are asking for it.. And it would be stupid of their part if they don't put it on the store since would be a great deal to them