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  1. oh and just wanted to add that this " Designer Threads" are a feature so it means it will happend again as they said " We’ll be following a similar process for the Favorite Fantasy Outfit Chest, and future costume chests." Now here's the issue Grand Phoenix was not a costume chance chest like the others it was a direct purchase from the HM Store, makes you think maybe its why they didnt bring it back... but like seriously i could say that other regions had this outfit alot of times ( but we cant really compare to the other regions can we...) and not bringing it back and bringing the others doesnt seem right at all. We are garanteed that future costume chest will always have a comeback we dont know when but they will come...Regarding Grand Phoenix they simply stay silent.
  2. I know right it feels like a slap in the face like " hey guys we are bringing all the special outfits that you missed", you excited go check it out and say "oh, where's the Grand phoenix?.." and they are like "oh all except that one sorry hehe.." - -'
  3. Show off your characters!!

    Its a mod i used in a private server we dont have it yet ( and not sure we will) altought my favourite its this one: This one i wanted sooooo much i really like how it looks on my char And i didnt had my hopes up until i saw this when will it come >.<
  4. Show off your characters!!

    Guess from the 2, my favourite will be summer groove And a bonus: #SaltBae
  5. Show off your characters!!

    Summer :3 Not sure wich one i like the most this one: or this one:
  6. For those who watch the stream you notice that they have increase the number require to complete the weekly challenge because they added the 2 new raids... From what they said on the stream about these new raids is that you need to have decent/high gear in order to complete... And im already thinking ahead people putting over requirements to enter a party so new players aswell as alts not that gear wont be joining... So that will leave a player 3/4 to complete the weekly... The only way i can see new players pass that its to do 6v6 wich lets be honest its a whale playground and im seeing that player hating and raging and even quiting the game cause he gets one shot kill and not being able to complete the weekly challenge unless he spents hours on queue losing match after match untill he gets lucky and has a whale in his party. Don´t increase the requirement for the weekly seriously you are pushing away new players.. old players have gear they can and they want to do it so its indiferent but lower players cant
  7. Show off your characters!!

    from all the 4th to choose i like the last one better has like an asian face wich is nice but perahps you should a different hair - well this is just my opinion cause i dont really like that hair
  8. The serious problem with endgame raids

    well i just talked about my experience and trust me i did try creating learning raids back then i end up giving up because all the people i gather no matter how many times i explained the mechs people either didnt even do it or just wanted to be carried, i continue to try doing learning raids while i was in the recruitment since that was taking long so either the learning raid end up good and i dont need to be recruited or i finally got recruit ...Of course this doesnt happend 100% there's alot of learning raids that succed and improve you just have to be lucky with the people you get. Like i said this was my experience back then, maybe now its different i don´t know but lets be honest its not completly his fault not being able to progress he just has to be a little lucky either on getting a static or creating his own and as you mention "it is the same as crying over being kicked in F8 parties....well if no one wants you make your own group. The reason why most dont take strangers is also that its a known fact 80% of the players dont give a damn about mechanics." you just prove my fact of creating learning runs also an issue because some people dont want to do the mechs aswell, OP just shared his experience and thoughts about it, the fault in this issue its the comunity itself so it would be better for people to help those on what to do and encourage them and not so be negative saying "wuahh stop crying and create your own...." saying those kind of unnecessary statements doesnt really help a player it only brings that person down. Moving on, @PetPuggi if you dont have the achivement and are "stuck" on progressing maybe you should actually create your own try to gather friends together and such it will just be a matter of time that you have your own raids.
  9. The serious problem with endgame raids

    I think this is the most important one wich would help the players at gaining exp and knowing what to do... like in many raids its not they dont want to teach you its more they are kinda tired of teaching and people kept failing on what to do and they dont want to spend like 2-4 hours wiping when they know what to do and they cant go on because x,y or z guy keeps screwing over and over again. And to add to that training room they could also add an option to choose to train the role that you want to do... but i think this is kinda impossible since they never tell us the mechs, they want us to find out by ourselves. ( what we do? - Go watch the videos of ppl that did it on the KR server XD)
  10. The serious problem with endgame raids

    I must say that "conundrum" its not entirely him, and holding in progression its not its fault either, it took me months to get a static raid and altought i had good gear (already had vt neck, SS and good soul i was missing hive queen) i knew the mechs, ppl still wouldnt accept me because i didnt had the achivement / exp. i even had made a post long ago about that same issue, so i know what he means by "I don't have exp running this place, but how am I gonna get exp if no one lets me in". No1 is being overly dramatic he is just saying about his experience about it and i can say many has the same. Altough now has become easier for ppl to get into VT cause of the last troove ( everyone has aransu) and people have gold to buy runs i must really say when they want a static raid and people ask if they have exp they often lie saying they do, they can have 10+runs on the achivement ( because they bought it on sell runs) but they have no experience and therefore just cause they lied and there's no really way you can prove otherwise they will enter but when inside they dont know what to do(because altough they have 0 experience they also didnt bother to read mechs) and raids are like, or too lazy to find a replacement and explain and he does it right or he just gets either carried or kicked. From what i see to someone get into those kinds of raids is either you are lucky and you found a group that is nice and you go together, or if you have gear and no1 accepts you because of the achivement you gather enough gold to buy runs and then lie saying you have experience... and i did see this happen alot... In my case i dont like to lie so one of the reason it took me too long to get one i read and watch videos and even told them all the mechs and could do any role they like but since 0 experience no wanted me until one said it like me cause i was honest and i was in.
  11. The issue its not the mechs its the gear requirement, if they said on the stream that you actually need gear for it i imagine the community putting even higher requirements that is needed for it
  12. One of the changes that we are going get after the patch is being able to transmute square obsidians into penta obsidians does this mean they will be account bound like the rest of the gems? or we are forced to turn them into penta to trade them? Since in the system preview it only mentions : The cost to purchase Special Square Obsidians has been reduced to 10, down from 15. You can now transmute Special Square Obsidians to Pentagonal Obsidian for 10 Solar Energy, 15 Soulstone Crystal, and 10 Gold. So i was wondering, can a gm confirm? Thanks in Advance
  13. This isnt nothing special but it was my first time clearing Master Hong it took me a few times to adapt to the mechanics and altought I have good gear and i think i can do it even faster but you can do it wilth less gear as long as you know the mechanics. So here's the video ;3 and enjoy: P.S.: I also added a link of a video guide from good player in the video description just incase you wanna check his channel aswell.
  14. Ok i get why they removed the trove key cause the trove ended but why did they also removed the Gilstone if the event goes until the 25th?
  15. Force Mages silly out of range move

    This isnt any bug, this was a recent rework of forcemaster's and a really good one imo cause you are not forced to waste your iframes to change stance... The only thing it is a bit annoying is the screams cause when you lose target while fighting you start hearing your character yelling, for me that makes me laugh but if i had to choose bettewn my character not be able to change stance out of combat to stay silent and doing some yelling when you can change... Darling please scream all you want! XD also if you dont want to hear your character screams and dont care about to change the stance just enable the skills in your skill tab
  16. Nvm, problem solved seems it was my graphic doing the blurry
  17. All this time i did wonder why do we even have this stat anyway no one uses it and i dont see where can you even get it anyway... Why is this stat ingame anyway? shouldnt it be removed?
  18. Today i was farming naksun and the flower of lament drops.. im like why does this thing still even drops if it has no purpose???? Are you seriously going to tell me its for me to get 1 copper...
  19. Class's importance

    Forcemasters grab doesnt work on bosses its not like BD's or Destro grab. Their grab its only for adds or players
  20. Hi there, just telling about my personal experience and i bet many of you passed or is passing through the same. I personally have good gear and can do around 300k+ damage and i was looking to do hive queen for months!!! People wondered why no one accept me because they all said the same thing " how can you not get to do hive queen your gear is good, you have good damage...." the reason was simple! It was because i never did the hive queen before so i didnt had the achivement, it didnt really matter if i read the mechs, watched videos or know what to do... People simply didnt care! The same people that said they didnt understand why no one accept me, when i asked them if i could join them they said no cause i didnt do it once! Ridiculous it became a "cicle wall" You cant do hive queen because you dont have the achivement, but you cant get the achivement if you dont do it in the frist place! - for me this is something to laugh about. I farmed enough gold to buy aransu and so i entered a raid as a buyer, usually the buyer stays dead while they clear for you but this raid they asked me to play aswell because they needed more dps... I said ok i wouldnt mind, they asked if they needed to explain me mechs i said theres no need... I only said if they needed me to do any role, i end up pulling all the spiders together so they could push them to the big one..And you guys know the rest stun stun stun kd move... Bla bla bla ( i dont need to explain the mechs of that raid)... In the end it went really smooth and nothing to worry about... The thing i was surprise was that Hive Queen its not hard! Why do ppl even ask for the freaking achivement when you know what to do its actually easy! I personally think even the frist bosses are harder then then her like seriously... So yeah that was my experience and my opinion and what i meant by sharing this is for those of you that are really picky about only getting experienced players (those that have achivement ..) please give people a chance to do it! P.S.: sorry about my english
  21. Guys stop asking for the Hive Queen Achiv.

    Then i must say i was really unlucky because the only raids i found was always 1-2 VT never found a raid for the last boss because everyone asked for the achivement even the ones that were progressive raids most of them didnt had enough dps or couldnt even do the frist boss much less the last boss so yeah i was force to actually buy one. I was more in a rush atm because of this event that is going on with the extra box were you can get the cosmetics and SS, especially the SS you save alot of wings if you get lucky with the SS.
  22. new tank type ??? wow

    you can actually check the games files: Warrior is going for Gon and Jin and Archer is going for Lyn and jin so
  23. Grand Phoenix

    Same i regret not getting when it was up... and also got disappointed when in the Blade & Soul: 2nd Anniversary Patch Preview i actually saw a sneak peek of it and i was actually excited and charge it so i wouldnt regret again.. just to see they actually remove it before they implated the SilverFang.. It's been a year already.. new classes and stuff they should bring it back again... And i remenber them saying " Its been a while now, i think we should bring it back.." dont remenber wich stream they said that but im still waiting for it >.<
  24. Show off your characters!!

    Ok now i can show off the Full Set of Phantom Flower ( already have the head piece)