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  1. from a support ticket which was leaked on reddit you can also see that this bug was reported 4 months ago, they realy failed on the entire line.
  2. so since we know now that the bug was reported 4 months ago already and not fixed. NcSoft themselves helped getting it public with their dumbass forum post. We can say all that is a surprise is that this didnt blew up earlyer. I totaly blame NCsoft on this they had 4 months to fix it, and instead of doing so they even posted how to exploit it now and expect noone to milk that event like NC milked the playerbase. Any punishments would be injustified. Imagine there is a broken traffic light state refuses to fix, and your being sued for causing an accident there simply because you chose
  3. the only people i know of being banned where nero for streaming it and that was probably and automated ban after he got reported by salt peoples via ingame function as it was just a 7 day ban
  4. Okey all jokes asside. Realistically speaking it happened on a Weekend and NC is in Homeoffice, so they probably had very limited ways engaging the problem. We will see what happens tomorow.
  5. Thats literly happening every few patches with cost reductions. Im playing from start as well. and with every few patches they give away stuff for free that I once worked hours upon hours farming it.
  6. yeah i feel you, there is no sense in it at all. He wants it to be wrong for the sake of it. Like an Alman calling the police 2 minutes after bedtime to file a noise complaint over his neighbour whos hearing music at 2 decibels too loud.
  7. your horrible english is the least that makes me laugh about this. If you had to pay 200gold for a pet stone before and now 10-15gold after. what are you still crying about. You can make decent gold multirunning high dungeons. you can make gold playing 6v6. You have so little clue about the game in general im wondering if you even reached level 60 yet.
  8. they can get real cheap pet stones from the market. I realy dont see anybody exept ncsoft loosing in this.
  9. absolute bullshit. First of all your making more money with 1 single PvP match then with 20 bug boxes. i played for an hour and made soulstones worth 900 gold. you need 60 pet pods to get the same amount which what ive seen from screenshots would be opening at least 1500 boxes. Second of all, nobody is holding you back. go ahead and use the merchant like everybody else. Sayin that the majority is not using the bug is so obviously wrong that its funny. Have you seen how empty F8 was once this was discoverd? Have you seen that even in the middle of the night at 2AM european ti
  10. I honestly dont get where there is honesty in not taking free stuff. This isnt a XML edit, or a script or anything else involving a third party. It's NCsoft that messed up and after being milked and scammed over by dozen of pay2win events and catering towards the geared playerbase this is the first thing that caters to EVERYONE being it intentionally or not. You dont gain anything by QQing around over it. Just shut it or join it. Its like crying that your poor because you refuse to take a daily 100 dollar bill that literly spawns infront of your homedoor. Who knows maybe somebody loos
  11. They never did it and never will. Just Look at Sins using Cheatengine to boost their dps. XML scripts to get all weekly challenges with 1 Quest. Entire Play2Win Clan botting Mushins Tower Play2Win Clan members client killing in BG to dodge bad matchups. and many many more incidents Its a fact that Whales dont get banned, the point is most of the time they dont share their exploit secrets. this is a exploit everyone profits of. If now all non whales get banned while the whales stay in there would be a riot at ncsoft.
  12. They wont do anything as you hope. Let see the Options -Perma Bann all abusers: Servers will close, because as allways the high paying whales are on the front of this exploit. BnS would loose 90% of its paying playerbase and they could basically close down the game. -Rollback to any date: The Item exploit would be gone, but the support would get flooded with thousands of tickets from people who raided in the meantime, dropped anything meaningfull or achieved anything. On Top there come thousands of tickets that would try to exploit the item recovery Support and get stuff they never had.
  13. most of u know this problem. U join a BG ur probably well geared all ready to push ur rank BUT u have a newbie low geared with no experience in your match. hes a onehit wonder basically he gets 1v1ed by a cat from a summ, u also cant tell him what to do because he don't know what to do. I for myself played yesterday in top 30 Rankings it was my promo match to gold probably 1580 Rating, but I had 4 guys with hm 10 in my team all with balefull 12 or lower and not even any pve or pvp equip. meanwhile enemy team is geared as expected for pvp in this rating area all hm 14 + ascendant 6
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