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  1. I agree, however the late game is extremely competitive. Ladder rewards are a huge thing to gain a reasonable amount of Cash-Shop currence, allowing to use pay2win events without swiping. Which again is of course also benefiting the already max geared whales. New Raids want to be cleared asap to gain the advantage of the new gear and make tons of gold by selling the loot to others. Gold which is worth hard cash as the gold selling market is booming. Of course it should be Entertainment. But most of the ingame Mechanics force and allow for a heavy competitive Gameplay. Sure you can pla
  2. Well while I agree that the failing rate is somewhat frustrating I have to say that they are farmable after all trough Challengemode where 1 per kill is rewarded and stacks of 5 will drop fairly common
  3. Hate to break it to ya. The fittest cheat. Be it ingame, in sports, In IRL money perspective. nobody is the best anymore by being honest thats the truth of todays society in general
  4. Yes the playerbase chose to do so. They did so in the beginning for performance reasons. First it was just FPS fixes, animations removal. Then people figured out when optimizing Performance why not optimize the class performance. Because Initially everything had the target to solve a problem that NC created like terrible performance and class balance. Problem being those "Optimizations" also Benefit those that dont need it, seeing 99% of the cheaters are the Endgame playerbase with absolutely enough gear for enough dps in any situation. But then there are Ladder rankings for clearing s
  5. Well im glad when it gets fixed, until then I just play the way everybody does without putting myself at a disadvantage. This way I dont have to cry out in the forums over something that has been reported to the death but may never get fixed. Edit: as the plogs said it: "Its a dog eat dog world" You aint getting anything for playing fair, your either eating or you are being eaten NCsoft aint going to refund the fair players their ranking rewards like :"oh yeah your gear you totaly be top 30 or top 15 but 50 gcd people got in the way." And I disagree you are either part of the prob
  6. People send reports to the devs about the pet pod and skin vendor problem 5 months before it blew up but only did they fix it when everybody was abusing it.
  7. If I had the 10ms ingame ping that I should have I wouldnt have to bother about it. Its the same as with the Pet-Pod event. Being part of the problem is helping to fix it and is more profitable. If still only the "elites" as you people like to call em, who where paying a Dev who sold the gcd, where using it it would be less likely to be fixed and it would only benefit those who are already the best. Now everyone profits until it get fixed. Same with any xml edits. It only becomes public when someone doesnt keep it secret and the more people know about it the more likely it will get
  8. Yeah seriously, how dare the players keep fixing the performance on their own...NCs been promising UE4 for 3 years im sure the game will be better soon how dare players use gcd when the ingameping of 150ms while literly living next to the servers is totaly justifyable? how dare the players keep editing gamefiles, because 90% of this game is aparently handled clientside instant of serverside how it should be for any mildly competitive online game. You have no idea how stupid and naiv you are. NC doesnt fix ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ until it blows up and crushes their income,: See pet Pod event,
  9. from a support ticket which was leaked on reddit you can also see that this bug was reported 4 months ago, they realy failed on the entire line.
  10. so since we know now that the bug was reported 4 months ago already and not fixed. NcSoft themselves helped getting it public with their dumbass forum post. We can say all that is a surprise is that this didnt blew up earlyer. I totaly blame NCsoft on this they had 4 months to fix it, and instead of doing so they even posted how to exploit it now and expect noone to milk that event like NC milked the playerbase. Any punishments would be injustified. Imagine there is a broken traffic light state refuses to fix, and your being sued for causing an accident there simply because you chose
  11. the only people i know of being banned where nero for streaming it and that was probably and automated ban after he got reported by salt peoples via ingame function as it was just a 7 day ban
  12. Okey all jokes asside. Realistically speaking it happened on a Weekend and NC is in Homeoffice, so they probably had very limited ways engaging the problem. We will see what happens tomorow.
  13. Thats literly happening every few patches with cost reductions. Im playing from start as well. and with every few patches they give away stuff for free that I once worked hours upon hours farming it.
  14. yeah i feel you, there is no sense in it at all. He wants it to be wrong for the sake of it. Like an Alman calling the police 2 minutes after bedtime to file a noise complaint over his neighbour whos hearing music at 2 decibels too loud.
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