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  1. Show off your characters!!

    My new Warlock: Look at this beautiful pair of eyes.
  2. please ban this bot

    First of all I want to congratulate the adms for cleansing all those bots, I've returned to play this game recently and I've noticed that. BUT, please ban this guy, he is running around teleporting rly fast doing the soulstones quests (the medic and the firerock one), changing faction and doing it again. I've reported but he is doing that for 5 days that I know. [Removed image, please submit to Support for investigation instead.]
  3. noob question

    thanks mate
  4. noob question

    Hello ppl, I've returned to play this game today, since it's updated and I missed so much, is there any stronger weapon than the hongmoon evolutions? Should I invest more time/money on it? btw, ncsoft did a great job on cleansing this game from those bots.
  5. Show off your characters!!

    My new Destroyer <3 Just killing some pirates
  6. Game is almost completely ruined...

    I know its possible for players to see me, Im just saying how bots behave, the moment you become invisible they walk towards you. You can walk perpendicular their facing line they still move towards you, you change direction they instantly correct its trajectory to keep following you, if you do a circular motion they do too, a normal human being would cut way to through the middle, but they keep following you its scary just like a zombie and some just keep auto attacking the air just make it scarier. lel
  7. Why you quit?

    I can deal with anything but bots. I can deal with NCs lack of comunication, I can deal with development issues like they dont have an acc wardrobe or all non boss loot are garbage and some times boss loot are also garbage, I can deal with scummoners, I can deal with gold/NCoins trade, I consider the RNG not even a problem, I can deal with doing some dungeon 30~50x to get something I need, I can even deal with those CONSTANT ANOYING DCS/CRASHES some say its gameguard some say its not. What I cant deal with are afk bots in tag match, afk bots in dungeons, bots in 99% of the x1 matches, bots slowing low lvl players quest progress, bots farming and timing quartz ores, gold seelers messing with the economy of the game. And maybe the reason for the comunity is so silent are spamming bots, sometimes we get tired of report spamming bots every 3 minutes we cant read faction chat.
  8. Game is almost completely ruined...

    Well if you can see and follow me on hide, turn around when I stun/freeze/web I would call you a bot. So, if you do that I admit I cant tell who is a bot anymore.
  9. PC crashing 2-5 minutes after game (specs in thread)

    bump, I cant find a solution to this...
  10. Constan Crashes/DC

    Its gettin worse to me, I don't know if it have anything to do with game guard, Ive googled it but didnt find anything, I dont have razer software. During loading screen the game crashes, it seems to have got worse recently, a while ago it used to happen 30% of the time (when loading screen shows up), today is a hell, almost 80%, Ive been disconnected/crash constantly that I wasted 30min just trying to enter a dungeon. Is this problem solved already?
  11. Everyone who has arena lag in EU

    wtf is ISP? not an english speaker
  12. Disconnected from server. System err

    bump, this happens to me too also my game crashes to me almost on every loading screen, I have no razer program.
  13. Show off your bots!!

    can we still post on this?
  14. Blade and Soul Economics 101

    It's because of marketplace daily limit. But why theres a limit in the first place?
  15. Show off your characters!!

    My lyn makes this face every time she's in combat xD Even her fierce face is cute <3 Thats her working at Yehara's Mirage lel She's my waifu <3 /endofgaymoment