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  1. Server down or crashed ?

    its to sacred to share on here
  2. Server down or crashed ?

    its an art to give a proper one
  3. Extremely offensive chat.

    I havnt really paid attention to the faction chat very much, but it seems like its just a bunch of memers for the most part on Old Man Cho the few times i took a peak in crimson legion anyway, heard cerulean wasnt much different/better
  4. Stalker Bangle drop rate

    while its not really helpful as far as f2p goes, if you buy ncoins for the first time it unlocks mailing which can bypass the trade restriction. Ive helped a few friends by doing this since i seem to have fairly decent luck with the boxes
  5. Stalker Bangle drop rate

    i only had to use 3 keys to get one on my FM a bit ago lol