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  1. I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I read the title, then I read the post and well.. no offence but you're so off on things. 1. Just because some ppl know more than others it doesn't give them the right to do shit over others. Game is free so anyone can play to the best of their abilities and they are allowed to have whatever personality they developed so far in life. It is frustrating when you play with people that don't know how to do stuff and maybe don't even want to put in the effort to learn but that still doesn't mean anyone should be favored and core changes to the game should be made for the 1% that actually know mechanics. This whole idea is just ... 2. When ppl flame noobs and dismiss them you can be damned sure those noobs will return the favor and this should never change, and to address the matter of noobs asking for tips and such in dungeons after being called in so many ways in so many different languages, I guarantee you no more than 10 players actually took their time to explain something however easy or difficult it may be. So why should anyone show respect for smug SOBs ? 3.In regards to the new dungeon which is not at all that difficult when talking about mechanics it is a bit more demanding of gear. I can't stress the a bit more demanding part enough considering the crappy gear me and my group had when I first did it. For those that need 400-500-600 ap to do it well... either they want to do it fast which I can understand either they're just not that all that knowledgeable about certain character and mobs stats. If it took only 420+ ap to do it, more than 80% of the server wouldn't have been able to, considering how many have upgraded their items only after the release of the dungeon. 4. To be a bit harsh, if you don't like their ap just gtfo of the party and find another one, not everyone is so smug and some ppl don't mind helping others so why shouldn't they have the choice to do that if they wish to ? The only intervention needs to happen here is from the player base and not ncsoft. Read 2-3 lines of text on the forums or on google or watch 2 mins on youtube before you go in or if not before, at least after you fail 10 times in a row. Accept that not everyone would put in the effort to help so you need to help yourself more often then not. But again, dungeons are about mechanics. If you have one party member with 430 ap you can do more than just fine is someone is at 380, stop confusing huge gold income and high ap with skill and knowledge. High ap is just gold income and rng not game knowledge. There is nothing required by upgrade paths that needs skill to obtain. On a personal note, the past 3 days have been fails after fails in both lab and even regular old poh with people that can't block first boss or fall down when flying towards the second one. Hey, stuff happens. I was also clueless the first time I entered a new dungeon and not everyone can pick things up at the same rate as others, I get it, I don't like it.. it makes me sad but you can't ask for devs to "remove" less skilled people from the game. As far as the lab goes, all the side bosses are a joke and fall insanely fast. The first boss is not rocket science.. anyone can tank him and dodge one or 2 more dangerous attacks. The clown where i'm sure a lot of people struggle is also easy but some people make it more complicated than it has to be, some want the summoner to tank all the ads others bomb the boss with the wrong color etc. It's a 6man for a reason - to make it easy for you. Just put 3 ppl on the ads and watch the damn color let the others know when bomb is up and happy days. Last boss too similar to widows to even talk about it. The biggest issue I often have in lab after the people that don't know mechanics is people with classes that can tank who say they will tank and they do a *cricket* poor job. If you have threat skills and don't use them or u just can't keep aggro or aren't sure if you can't keep aggro... just say that from the beginning because there's no point in wasting anyone's time getting there only to fail and recruit others >? almost no one will join u at the last boss when they clearly know u failed it at least once. Just so ppl understand this a bit better, because I know how bitchy some get about "tanking", I'm not saying that every melee class has to tank, I'm just saying that you should let people know if you really can. If you can't, you can't and that's that. I've seen summoners and destroyers refusing to tank but dishing out great dps in dungeons and I'm fine with that as long as everyone knows from the start what the others are capable of doing.
  2. imposible to kill Jughando F7 - FM

    I can do it, but not like this. Without using 2 for daze i get rekt. U can get off way too many hits on him in between his attacks compared to me :(. It takes me until I see the 30 sec timer on him, every single time.
  3. imposible to kill Jughando F7 - FM

    7f is a good way to practice fm pvp combos. I find that a pvp build suits this boss. Constant (1) stuns and good timed grips should always work. The only thing is, you need practice. Usually, if I make 1 small mistake I can recover, 2 mistakes = dead. The only downside to using a pvp spec is if you have ping issues u might not do enough dmg in time. Btw, you don't always need more than 1 point into frost armor, if you use it only when necessary you can always time it so that you can use (2) daze when you come out of it. Felt so op for me as well in my first few tries, but you just need to be carefull and not spam escapes if you don't need them. You can get away with dpsing and getting hit by a combo which you can later regen with pots, instead of kiting too much and eventually get him enraged. All in all I recommend going for a pvp spec. You can take down the boss and learn how to time your attacks for real pvp situations... chain stun/ daze grips cds etc :) (2) daze (3) beam (1) second path frost armour 1 point, veil move with player and the rest is up to you really. regen frost fury is a must i think.

    I'm sure others have a better time with FM because of more experience or better ping or whatever, but in my case no matter what "experts" say or show me, it's just not the case. And as each day passes I feel like the ping is just too much of a factor. Like, how does retreat even matter if all I do is spam that cricketing F button and it does nothing, in certain situations it has to work, yet for me ... not even pressing it constantly without doing anything else ( as a test) doesn't help.

    I've been watching jaesung since the launch. his FM looks awesome however, linking his video in this topic or talking about how player X is diamond or whatever is just pointless. First of all, there are some skills that make fm considerably stronger but atm we don't have enough sp to spec like that. Second, what most "op" forcemaster players do on youtube I can never do here ( Starfall Crater), why ? dunno really but i have a few ideas. Ping is in my opinion the biggest enemy for any FM. During certain hours of the day I can really do stuff in pvp, everything works smooth, even ani-cancel works and then when the server is in "queue" mode stuff begins to suck big time. After ping, comes the actual skill build part. A lot of pro bns players skill their differently for almost each class. I doubt 50% of the people reading this topic or replying in it do the same. Since the classes are very different, you can't really tackle all of them the same way ( this should be obvious). Still related a bit to skill build, I see a lot of chat ingame about how fm is too good and how blade dancers or sins are bad. For me personaly those are the 2 i have the most problems with. Reason ? I can't perma or semi freeze combo mega wreck them because i can't land a single projectile on them. Everything i see on my screen is block block counter. For those of you that may think now that I'm just an idiot and u guys are op at fm, just keep it to yourselves if you don't have anything helpful to say. I've tried the most defensive spec possible for a FM with the available skill points, like 0 into dmgm and I focused on all the defensive abilities I could get just to see if I can really defend myself and control others even if the damage wasn't enough in the long run, to actually win. Since I only have one reliable stun (3) that gets ignored by every melee class, I can't do much. I also know that many people stress about FMs that they are able to kite too much and they can't move and all that, those people either play really bad or against some really op FM players. I can't kite stuff! By the time I press 2 buttons the guys jumps in my face from the other side of the arena, and if I try to breakout I gen countered and thrown up in the air ( fun times). In conclusion, for me FM -> ping issues matter too much, input lag, everything gets countered/blocked, I get Q E TAB SS V 5 "escapes" but everybody else seems to have either 6 counters and grabs or next to nothing when it comes to cd. ps: some guy was saying here that the grip is awesome, maybe my grip is from another game, because I never encountered a player that couldn't escape from it.
  6. PSA for Forcemasters

    how bout, everyone uses whatever build they want and ppl start looking for parties with all classes?
  7. PSA for Forcemasters

    betcha 100$ u never played anything other than burn :), either that or you can't. I don't think ppl play more ice than fire. If I see 1 ice fm in 12h of gameplay, it's a huge thing so i'm sure most fms play burn or det. Being top dps is not that problematic with agro. The reason fms get agro all the time is because races that can tank don't wanna do it properly aka. increase threat. Tbh, i don't mind having agro anymore, 90% of bosses are easy to kite. However, this doesn't mean I enjoy it or I should do it just because some classes are lazy or don't research their skill tree properly. Also good thing to keep in mind when u let ur fms keep agro on, they do most of the damage so spending 40% of the time hitting and 60% time running, using def skills and all that crap just drags the fight more than it has to. FMs are good at two things - dps and with good timing - the party life savers. They don't have counters, blocks and all that crap that others can do in a boss fight. Just consider the first boss from Brightstone. Q E SS Tab V and that's about it one rotation then it can easily tear u a new one since it will just follow you around easily if someone else doesn't keep it busy. As someone said, you can't freeze all bosses so when your 3 dodges are up, as a fm things get complicated. And since the potential is there for massive dps, it shouldn't be a fm's worry about how to tone down its damage output so it won't get constant aggro or how to do the same damage and kite for the "team" at the same time. True that every class can be a damage dealer but not all of them can tank, just smth to keep in mind.
  8. PSA for Forcemasters

    45. Haven't really looked at it that way honestly, but I did run the same dungeon 5 times in a row with the exact same group and didn't notice any difference in clear speed after i changed from burn to det and back or in how well just my fm was performing. The 2 drops a bit when you don't have burn sure, but overall just because u don't see the same numbers i don't think you really do significant lower damage. Using 1 spec for extra dmg against frozen target does so much damage in the rotation... dunno, for me personally both builds seem balanced. But maybe I was wrong when I said it's easy to coordinate the 2 builds in the same party ?
  9. PSA for Forcemasters

    After playing over a week or just burn build, don't wanna burst ur bubble but it ain't that wow. The difference between det and burn is too small in a group to even worry about it. In all fire / hybrid builds you will do damage with 2 and mouse buttons. The so called dot from burn is slow and low while det is instant. Less buttons = easier timing for all abilities. A while back, I asked on the forum for a FM build to help me pve, turned out the only thing ppl could tell me was go burn burn burn. Just because the majority says something doesn't mean it's the best thing. The only reason I'm still using burn is because too many FM's do the same thing and I don't want to waste time in dungeons getting into arguments but this really pisses me off sometimes. However, I really don't think burn should be the ONLY way to go fire and if people wouldn't be so complacent they would realize you can do burn and det in the same party easily if they actually follow a rotation instead of just spamming skills like crazy or as they are available. 2 coordinated fm's can 5 stack -> burn then 5 stack again and det before burn is over. And as a side note here, it's awesome to have 2 different FM fire builds because the one that doesn't burn can use 1 for frozen dmg. Imo the solution for any same class build differences would be: less people should use LFP and just click on the left screen side so there won't be 3-4 of the same class in the same party.
  10. Brightstone Caverns drops

    took me 50 runs on my force master to get bangle so, relax. got 10 razors in a row, a lot of staffs after that. in every mmo the rng will drop u other class gear. :)
  11. Force Master pve in general

    Well I don't know how much dmg the others are doing in the party don't I ? The reason for saying that was that I see the numbers I get and then I see 1 or 2 classes that 1-2 shot stuff all the time. My only way to 2 shot mobs is with inferno which has a cd. Other classes (i don't know if they chain 50 combos or not) but seem to have a more fluent mechanic as to how they dish out damage. So yeah I don't feel like it keeps up in damage with others. May very well do fine with bosses, but it's the little ones along the way that usually end up causing more trouble. But again, to be fair, I have no ideea of the numbers the other classes put up so as a short example of what's going in my mind when I say this, take pvp - you may do 10k dmg with 3 hits with a FM but you need certain stacks and conditions to make that happen so it's not instant, then an assassin comes along and does 10 1k hits on u in 2 -3 sec. So if in a boss fight my screen is showing 4k dmg bursts every few sec and someone else is maybe doing 1k but attacks 4 times between my (2) attacks what am I to think? :). Visually it seems slow. ps: before someone comes with a bright idea on creating more classes and running them to see differences or whatever, I barely manage to grind materials and currency for 1 character.
  12. Force Master pve in general

    @blkcat13This was some new information for me. I'm still grinding to buy a moonwater stone for the first upgrade so I had no ideea there's another weapon choice along the way. I was under the impression you just use the first one. To be honest, If I'd have a weapon that allows me to do more damage but less focus regen, I think I'd go with ice rain. It's quite easy to spam and regen with it by traiting skills so, the added damage would make it more reliable I think than burn dps where you can screw up at one point or someone screws up for u. No doubt, if I could save 2 different trees and swap them like soul shields that would solve 90% of my problems on FM, not that it's that hard to do manually it's just very annoying for me. Plus, not a lot of people wait around in dungeons for others to reset skills, most rush content so blindly and sometimes even start boss fights with no one else in the room, probably by accident but still... With my gear limitations so far I manage do to a maximum fire crit (2) of 4.5k and maybe 8k with inferno. When there's nothing to mess up the ember stacks it's ok I guess, but when talking about ideal conditions I think ice 2 spam would perform better overall in a boss fight. By ideal conditions I'm referring to a lot of other classes launching enemies in the air allowing me to stack up on crit with windstorm and then crit all the time with 2. As for the other weapon variant, where do I get my hands on some of that ? Since I wanted to discuss pve here, I don't get why some ppl have a problem with using less combinations and timings than fire. It's not about being flashy it's about how efficient can you be, at least in my mind. So if you can focus on less buttons to get the job done... I don't see why that's a problem. Wanna play with 50 buttons then discuss pvp :). So far I'm still trying to get used to fire as some of you suggested, unless the person tanking doesn't handle aggro at all I can make do with just 1-2 potions per boss which is better than I thought it would be. I can pretty much stick to the same boss dps layout even when running dailies because let's face it, you rarely have to kill 7 mobs at once. Big difference between fire and ice so far is the open world questing aspect, fire seems better. By the time anything comes near me they usually die, still blocks and stuff like that can put a hurt on me but that's life. With ice, the clear speed for multiple ads seems slower, or at least I can't find a way to use just one loadout for all encounters (again the switching skills issue) while with fire some mobs I can one shot before the other ones animation to attack even begins- the main problem I still have and don't like is the dent it puts on fast life regen. Sure you can still spec on frost fury but it's too slow to get the F started. Anyway, almost any free advice is good advice as long as it stays that way and doesn't turn into a Fire vs Ice battle here without giving some explanations. If you say Fire/Ice OP OMG ETC please also say why. That's kinda the reason I started this topic, to learn stuff and maybe others like me can also find it usefull. So far reading up on skills, combos and tactics is a bit easier to understand than watching some really fast paced videos ( as I'll get more accustomed to the game I'm sure I'll be able to do that too).
  13. Force Master pve in general

    I appreciate your support for the frozen arts but unless you want to explain where those crits come from, you didn't really help me here :). My main problem with ice was as I said, lack of aoe clear. From what I've seen so far aoe skills have high cd so you can't spam any aoe ice stuff. As for the 6k constant crits, I really don't see that happening without the rain and high lvl gear.
  14. Force Master pve in general

    @dmoe33u did help a lot actually. Just tried ur version on dokumo a few mins ago and some dude kept messing up ember stacks therefore, only got burn when inferno was on cd. I'll try it in blackram in the morning, people seem to be more experienced there. But man does this suck if u get aggro again after u used armor and sheeth and using frost fury for leech in a burn build doesn't work efficiently. I'm still gonna try to make fire work so I won't get kicked for not going with the flow, but it's so so different and it really depend on others a bit too much for my taste.
  15. Force Master pve in general

    @dmoe33: just the kind of thing I wanted to see. Thx for that, the numbers are high but it seems they come at a very slower rate compared to ice, even slower than I previously thought. You kinda lost me there for a bit with RL2 and gcd and all that, I'm not yet that savvy when it comes to b&s so I honestly can't figure out what those stand for. Two more things I'd like to add: 1. how many points usually go into blazing palm for a burn build. 2. how do the lvl 45 skills fit into end game content? for a 2 skill spam build whichever path it may be, I just don't see many options of creating enough orbits fast enough to not drop dps. Or am I just too used by now to ice dps which has an easier time with generating orbs ?