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  1. i used to have that issue with disconnecting, set BnS to win 7 compatibility mode, fixed it for me
  2. the lobby level is just a visual bug, if the servers come back up will someone please post, really wanted to hit 50 tonight
  3. yeah yura has been down over 30mins now for me
  4. i will play on the other server for a bit
  5. think they are refering to the twitter posts, or the official posts
  6. ignore the character select screen, you should be the level you were when it disconnected, but dammit i was 49, getting close to 50, so irritating
  7. even my crappy computer only takes about 5mins to load, have you tried repairing?
  8. they said on twitter they are working on it
  9. it's a server crash, give it a bit then try again been happening all day
  10. getting close to 50, so tired of this happening
  11. yep no tweet no nothing Warning would have been nice.......
  12. super excited......... wish i could play now lol
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