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  1. I disagree. This is completely F2P. If you only ban bots, people can just create more bots. You can never finish banning them. The solution is to make the bots they created useless by disabling selling on marketplace.
  2. I don't agree. Most casual players get their entire gold from doing raids. and then u can use these gold to buy upgrade items required off market. If ur hardcore player and want best of best, ofcourse u have to pay for an outfit
  3. How To get Rid of Bots!!!!! Everyone hates bots, how to get rid of them while remaining F2P? Every account should have three restrictions: 1. Can not sell items on Marketplace (u can buy items, but can't sell) 2. Can not mail items or gold to other accounts, can not use player to player trading 3. Can not use currency exchange How do u get these restrictions lifted? You must buy an outfit in the cashshop (by charging NCoin), afterwards all three restrictions will be lifted. Conclusion: The game will remain F2P while some
  4. What Other game shall we play, until BnS fix their Servers? Revelation Online? Black Desert? rider of icarus?.................I am bored.................... Anyone who doesn't know what Revelation Online is, there is a link below. https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/223387-time-to-tryout-revelation-onlinewith-bns-servers-like-these/
  5. This post is to discuss the difference between BnS and RO, so it should be fine. I would definitely love to hear ppl's talk about the Pros of BnS compared to revelation. Which part of BnS is better than revelation online(RO), I would love to hear that!!!!! I like BnS alot too haha...
  6. Cons is mentioned above. Combat not as good as bns. Also u will definitely pay for ur outfits. RO is putting put ALOT of outfits really fast. If u see the entire street of ppl with cool mounts, cool wings, beautiful outfits, u will definitely buy one for sure.
  7. check out my post: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/223387-time-to-tryout-revelation-onlinewith-bns-servers-like-these/
  8. I couldn't log-in to BnS at all....(cry), server broken......can't do anything fun in BnS besides raids(sad) , since I don't do pvp Revelation Online(RO) is a really fun game, everyone who likes BnS should try it out: Pros: ---There are hot springs(where u can enjoy a nice bath and chat with friends in there while gaining exp), Flying(literally flying in the sky with wings, not glide but actually fly!!!) , Mounts (ground), Flying Mounts (flying), really good-looking outfits (with pretty pretty dyes), really cool-looking Wings..... ---Classes are more define
  9. RO is a reallly fun game, everyone who likes BnS should try it out. There is hot springs, Flying, Mounts (ground), Flying Mounts (flying), really good-looking outfits (with pretty pretty dyes) More fun things to do than BnS.
  10. doesn't seem like mod though... this pic with outfit and long hair...... anyone know when we are gettting this outfit and hair?
  11. 1. Where do u get this Long Hair? 1. Where do u get this Long Hair? 2. Where do u get Feline Frisky Headband?
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