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  1. This may have come up once or twice.
  2. I have been premium since day one, so I was unaware. Just an issue I see on the forums constantly. Thanks for clearing it up. Despite all that, considering the need for players to move from one place to the other, the 7 day character deletion should be a removed feature.
  3. I believe he is complaining about the functionality of the game.
  4. I have written many times on the Forums, letting other players know that things will "Change" or "They are working on it", trying to be as supportive as possible. I have commented on MODs posting in the threads, letting them know how awesome it is to see them reaching out to the community. I have even messaged MODs, letting them know I'll help as much as I can with other Players troubles, and I have even sacrificed my game time, spending all day on the forums to do that. Seriously, premium member here without a max level character. (38, so close. >_<) Despite all my positive
  5. All versions of Blade and Soul started the game with Warlock drops in the Loot tables. Korean, Russian, Japan, all of them. It is to tease future content, which will be free, just like all those platforms.
  6. It is post like this, about things that aren't going to happen, that is creating chaos/victims on the threads. Please stop.
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