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  1. 975ap raven 6 fire ring earring looking for groups to keep increasing with "willing to learn mechs" zulia server
  2. someone said this game is grindy lol i have 4 45's most in siren already not a hard game to gear on maybe 50 will take time to gear but idk this 45 stuff is pretty simple and if you dont make moonwater stones im sorry you picked the wrong crafts lol
  3. people that ask for that come from games like WoW or rift they are called pve elitist and they are pretty bad in most terms i only have 376 and it would be nice if them 400+ ap guys held threat for me so i dont have to try hard :P
  4. jae cracks me up but if ncsoft wants ideas they need to read them and come up with a thing cripple the bots ability to sell anything on the market im pretty that would slow them down massively dont make it over the top but something small like rift they put a loyalty thing on it where you needed 5 dollars worth of credits or you could buy a rex "ingame credit trading item" and it got rid of pretty much all the bots i still got a few mails from bots but it was very rare 1 every so many months to be on point its a idea maybe enough hongmoon coins before being able to sell anything on the market
  5. every dungeon up to blackram narrows was soloable for me so idk o.o why party anyone if you dont like that or get some friends
  6. RNG hates you just saying i think my weapon from the golden deva wheel took the longest of my 2 chars right now xD
  7. i dont like those kind of endings :3 it looked like it was aiming to be a good ending but noooooooo has to be one of those
  8. you reminds me of the kfm i had to fight right before my rank up xD they was really good idk is it bad to quote o.o
  9. thanks for the idea i have to read more skill infos and look into snowball when i try fm in pvp again im leaving other class's xD i like to play many and just enjoying the land going for sin right now then kfm but again thanks for the tips
  10. i have a force master i have fought all the class's im not good but i have lost to a kfm he/she was really good at blocking everything and when she had a opening to attack did plenty of dps and did win i all so beat some kfm''s i lose to blade dancers alot i beat one somehow the other day im bad and only at 1650 elo but from what i can tell on forcemasters easy to hard for me that is destoryer>summoner>forcemaster>assassin>blademaster>bladedancer but thats from my end so i dont credit anything
  11. lets see the record on here we want screen shots of your amazing 90% win rate ive been in 3v3 matchs where assassins and kfm's dumpstered Force masters all so been in 1v1 matchs with a force master and a melee i have lost and won both ends of the pvp stick so im gona say i dont have a problem with how the game is right now and if its more blanced at 50 then more power to it
  12. you talk about cabal lol that game was a casual shit storm i admit i played it for 6 years but its because i enjoyed face stomping bads now i look forward to challange my self on here not be some casual which ive beating ranged class's with melee plenty of times sounds like your just not good at the game thats all and you are mad at it for not being easy just saying there are plenty of easy games out there
  13. i was immersed in the store line quest all the way then when i wanted it all i went and watched the ending on the kr server .-. why did ncsoft have to make the ending that way idk if i was sad or dis pointed but i defiantly was effected by it o.o i was shocked felt like i had seen the ending like it before somewhere else as well maybe i was hoping for a better ending :3
  14. you can ask in chat if you need help geting a weapon upgrade from a dungeon im sure theres a nice person out there but seeing how you took this to the extreme i wouldnt want to help you my self looting system is fine i mean i made alot of money the first few runs running blackram then when i was with a party that didnt need anything that i did not get from the box at the end of the dungeon i bid on it sorry everygame dont follow your need vs greed crap if you want that dont let the door hit you on the way out back to WoW or w/e game you play :P
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