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  1. Hello! I'm looking for a clan that's friendly and doesn't mind helping someone with anxiety learn dungeons and easier raids, like MSP or DKV. I've been playing off and on since release, but I constantly get nervous and quit once I hit max level. I currently main a 713 AP Warlock. I'm EST and I'm working 16 hours a week while working on a bachelor's in biology. Please PM me if you'd like me to join your clan!
  2. Not looking anymore

  3. Another Returning Player Asking About Classes

    Like I said, I love this game. I endured 250+ms to enjoy the CN and JP versions until this came out. I just know on forums, especially general discussions, people who dislike it come out, and say that someone is getting themselves into something. If I wanted to play another game, I would, but I'm really enjoying this. I get what you're saying, but that's not even what I intended, I just didn't want people to think they could change my opinion on a game I love. It's kind of irritating to see 5+ posts saying that the game sucks, when my opinion is that it's fun. Probably could have worded it better, but I got a bit salty trying to read through stuff to see about classes. Thank you for the class stuff. It's very helpful!
  4. Another Returning Player Asking About Classes

    Thank you so much! This helped a lot. Ah yeah. I mostly put that because when I mained FM before, I was the only person in my clan that couldn't beat Junghado and it drove me away from the class for a while. I loved it in everything else, but being stuck after weeks of trying was awful. I went to Summoner and loved it, but sadly left around the time Warlock came out (mind you, this break was unrelated to the game itself, I was just in my last semester of undergrad and I took on a heavy course load), so I didn't get to try it much. I'm very torn between Warlock and Summoner, especially so after your list. I'll just play both a bit more and decide, maybe ask my clan what they want.
  5. I know, I know. This comes up often. Some people say not to bother returning, but I know what I'm getting myself into with coming back and I love this game, even with all of its flaws. Now that's out of the way and I can get to my real question. I have a 45 Blade Dancer, a 45 Force Master, and a 45 Summoner, all at roughly the same place with gear. I'm also leveling up a Warlock, which is currently in the late 30s. I like these four classes the best and enjoy some more than others. Blade Dancer is the least enjoyable for me because I didn't enjoy chasing bosses when a Force Master kited badly. I really enjoy more support oriented classes, and I understand damage has to be sacrificed for that in most cases, but I also like doing some damage. I know Summoner has a heal and projectile block, Warlock has Soulburn and a damage buff from the thrall, Blade Dancer has the grip, and Force Master has an ice shield and a projectile block, but of course I could be leaving stuff out just due to not playing for a while. What class has valued support in PvE, decent dps, and is generally wanted in groups? I'm in a clan, but I suspect I'll be pugging a good amount too. I'd also like to do solo stuff that doesn't drive me insane with repeated failure. Pro/con lists help me the best, so I'd really appreciate one of those, however brief. Or if someone could point me to something like that. I'd really appreciate anything. I really enjoy this game and I want focus on what I can be doing right now, whether it be continuing with my Warlock or going to one of my 45s and taking it to 50 and getting HM levels.
  6. Show off your characters!!

    Got a new computer, returned the other day, made a cute new Warlock to play!
  7. After much game jumping to find a game I want to play, I landed on this again. I quit before because school was making me fall way behind with how fast the updates were coming. I'm leveling up a new Warlock since I wanted to switch to that around the time I left, and I'm loving it. Just to be totally clear I prefer clans that have under 50 or so people. I stress this because I have anxiety issues, and while I am working on them, I'm not ready for larger groups. I'm currently Crimson, but I'm okay with switching to Cerulean. I'm a PvE person, aside from some 1v1 when I feel like it. I'm very content learning rotations and doing the best I can. So, pretty much, I'm a returning player leveling a new Warlock that likes PvE and needs to be in a smaller clan. I promise I'm friendly, but I've been screwed over in the guild department in other games recently. My character's name is Dazzai, if anyone would like to contact me in-game.
  8. Lunar New Year Costumes!

    I would love that costume so much! I need it for my Summoner. (●´□`)♡
  9. Show off your characters!!

    I made a Summoner and I love her to death. She turned out cuter than I expected!

    Might make her a bit taller, but other than that, I'm 100% happy with her look! (After working on it for days)
  11. A few questions~

    1. I'm not sure, someone else might know. :x 2. At the moment, it's just random "useful item" rewards with 2x Dragon Trade Pouches each time you go around the board. I'm not logged in atm, so I can't take a picture. 3. It's a permanent outfit and I think it's about 1,200 NCoin. Not in the game, so I can't check atm. 4. You can stop at True Profane if you want. It should be strong enough for all of the content out now. Personally, I'm stopping at True Profane on my alts and going for True Pirate on my Warlock. 5. Gems are mandatory if you want to be decent. Use Amethyst, Ruby (additional damage), and Diamond (attack power) no matter what. Be sure to slot your weapon early on because it's cheaper (less gold, less gem hammers). I don't play BM myself, just BD, FM, and WL (when it's released in a week, anyway), and I chose Peridot (atm, using the hp recovery on evasion) as a fourth gem because I have higher evasion on them. I'd probably research a better one if I didn't want the extra hp regen because I make a lot of mistakes.
  12. PVE Players Also need soulstones!!!....

    It would be nice if they added soulstones to PvE dailies, but the faction dailies aren't too bad and are mostly PvE, just with the risk of getting killed. I think it adds a fun bit of danger to PvE, especially with Terrors roaming around too.
  13. Show off your characters!!

    I edited my Warlock template. I might make her a bit taller, she ended up smaller than I intended in the actual game.
  14. Warlock Expert difficulty?!

    PvP-wise, I can certainly see expert. I'm a mostly PvE player, and I've had no issues soloing most things once I got the hang of post-nerf WL, but I could use a better weapon, I'm way behind because everything was a joke pre-nerf. I can't even speak for PvP because, nerfed or not, my ping is too high for me to actually do decently at it on the JP server. It is definitely unique in playstyle, but I found it easy to pick up, for PvE at least. Maybe expert for PvP and 3 stars for PvE.
  15. Warlock Expert difficulty?!

    Even with that, I wouldn't put it at expert. Maybe hard. But I didn't even think it felt like 3 stars pre-nerf. It was more like 2. Even with the block, the SS, and Z (which can resists 5 attacks for 5 sec if traited, but still resists 1 attack untraited) and the increased CDs on some skills and nerfed healing, it isn't hard at all. Or, for me, it's not. It takes some learning, but it's really not expert difficulty.